They give their warmth, absolute love and loyalty. They are always there when our hearts are heavy. For them, we are the main people in life, who not only “feed and water”, but also protect, care, love. Yes, friends, we are talking about pets. The very ones that cheer us up with the usual “meow”, protect our homes with their evil roar, or simply touch them with their love for carrots.

We know you truly love your four-legged friends and want only the best for them. Our goal is to help you make your pet’s life longer, happier and easier.

A new trend 2021 for the health of your animals, which will take some of the responsibility off you! Animal Drinking Fountain is the best option for those who are worried about the quality of the water in their pet’s bowl. The drinking bowl allows you to constantly purify the water so that your faithful friend does not experience health problems, due to high-quality filters inside the fountain. For dogs, cats, rabbits and even parrots, this is an entertainment that lengthens the life of four-legged friends.

Auto feeders for animals have already made life easier for caring owners. But the problem of lack of clean water in a pet worries quite often. Imagine: you are late at work, trying to solve some kind of force majeure, you miss your plane, and a true friend is waiting for you at home. And no one can help him but you. He is defenseless. Naturally, you begin to worry, get nervous, look for at least someone who can help your pet. Is this situation possible with an animal fountain? Not! Your only task is to pour water in advance. The water filter system built into the drinking bowl will allow your pet to always quench his thirst without harm to health. And you will be a faithful assistant in the care of animals.

Let’s take a closer look at what benefits your favorite four-legged friend will get from the animal fountain? First, it is constantly clean water. As we already wrote, the filter constantly purifies the water, so any dirt that can get into the drinker will be eliminated. Do an experiment: pour water into a bowl and leave for a couple of days. Mucus, dirt, sediment — that’s what you will see as a result of the experiment. Secondly, the animal drinker is a fun activity, especially for cats. Drinking bowl — the fountain works in such a way that the pet begins to play with it. Thirdly, the fountain for animals is the prevention of urolithiasis. The pet begins to drink more water, because the fountain attracts his attention. The lack of liquid, stagnant water — all this leads to malfunctions in the body of a four-legged friend. An autodrinker for animals is the constant availability of the required amount of clean water.

What will you get if you order an autodrinker from us:
-perfectly working pet fountain with a variety of water pressure modes, made of safe plastic, approved by veterinarians;
-2 filters with a three-stage water purification system. They will last you almost six months;
— silence! Yes, the fountain is almost silent, which will not cause discomfort to you or your pets;
-2 use cases: Animal fountain can be turned off. Then you will get a stylish pet drinker with a large supply of clean water.

The autodrinking bowl fountain is very convenient in everyday life. The total capacity of the drinker is 2.5 liters. USB charging allows it to be as mobile as possible: you can even connect the device to wireless charging. No overheating of the device even during prolonged operation of the device. But do not worry: the drinker is made of high quality material, which allows you to leave no marks on the surfaces.

Choose the best for your loved ones! And we will help you with this! Follow the link and place an order. We promise your pets will thank you for this!


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