A week later, Valentine’s Day — it’s time to think about how to congratulate those you love! Let’s start with simple solutions: cosmetic and perfume sets.

Valentine gifts up to 1000 rubles

The Rose of Bulgaria set smells uncompromisingly of a rose; contains a bottle of perfume and fragrant soap, which can also be used as a sachet. If you want to give a whole bouquet of fragrances, choose a set of the Brocard flower series: lilac, rose and lily of the valley with sweet peas.

St. W.’s Day is a wonderful occasion to take care of your beloved man. Shaving lotion and socks are waiting in the wings — February 23 (just kidding, we’ll come up with something more interesting for this holiday), and for the holiday of all lovers, you can find something you need that for some reason he hasn’t bought himself yet. For example, cosmetics with ginseng or a beard brush.

Young and carefree people will love trendy cosmetics: masks with different effects, invigorating, refreshing and warming face products, travel-sized body care, and all this in a large set that is interesting to unpack.

Sweets, bouquets and small nice gifts up to 3000 rubles

Are you saving your imagination and finances to impress your chosen one (tsu) not right now, but on one of the gender holidays? We understand. But do you still want to be happy? Still would. Treat yourself to the sensations: Weleda pomegranate body massage oil, relaxing Natura Botanica bath bombs in a beautiful box, or Lacoste Pour Elle Sparkling eau de toilette with macaroon cake scent. If you are going to travel together soon, start with a golden cosmetic bag with the most necessary facial products that relieve sensitivity after flights and climate change.

There are brands that have already figured out what people will want to give, and even what to say and do: L’Occitane has released a set of Hugs & Kisses («Hugs and Kisses») of hand cream and lip balm — this is a ready-made nice gift with meaning.

Gifts — a declaration of love

This selection turned out to be our largest, probably because you can confess your love in hundreds of different ways and in different languages. Want to say «I love you» in the language of flowers? Give BVLGARI’s Splendida Rose Rose with notes of Ottoman rose and sandalwood, or Zeitun’s natural aphrodisiac SPA set. Keep a lot of happy joint memories associated with Moscow? Treat Rendez Vous A Moscou by Montale for a top note of pear, coconut and peach that transitions to Moroccan rose, Egyptian jasmine and patchouli. Do you appreciate the textured appearance of your chosen one? Pay attention to the beard grooming kits in the style of barbershops.

If you want to give a fragrance, but the distance between you and the chosen one (tsey) does not yet allow you to make too personal gifts, opt for home perfumes: the warming smell of fruits or spices will quietly remind you of you.


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