The main charm of the final product — candles, diffusers or soaps — is given by the aroma created through the use of two main components — essential oils and fragrances. Similar in scope, they differ in their composition and method of isolation.

Essential oils are obtained from plants. They are natural and harmless to the human body, however, they have a high degree of volatility and strong concentration, so their use in many areas, including candle making, is associated with a number of difficulties.

The content of essential oils in plants is minimal, so the process of their extraction is complicated and expensive. Just think: to get just 3 grams of rose essential oil, you need 5 tons of rose petals! That’s why it’s so hard to find products made from natural oils without being tempted by a cheaper fake. It is simply impossible to extract natural smells from linden, lilac, peony, cherry, strawberry or fig, because they do not contain essential oils at all. Well, that’s okay, let them grow! It’s good that smart people have learned to recreate their aromas without harming plants)

Fragrances are a mixture of substances of a synthetic nature, which saturate a cosmetic product or a household chemical product. The main purpose of this saturation is to flavor the base.

The basis of aromatic fragrances are chemical compounds of organic nature (coumarin, obelin, yara-yara, etc.). In addition, fixatives are necessarily added to these fragrances, which prevent the compounds from evaporating (Peruvian balsam, oliban), solvents. For the manufacture of fragrances, a large number of different compounds are used: in a special laboratory, scientists select certain combinations of substances in order to eventually obtain a product with a unique aroma, which ultimately makes candles flowery or fruity, berry or herbal.

Many people think that using only essential oils in candles is environmentally friendly and healthy.

They are greatly mistaken.

Essential oils are a substance that has a very low burning temperature, so when added to candles and in contact with fire, they will simply burn out, filling the room not with aroma, but with burning, which can be very harmful to breathing. There are fragrances that are based on 100% natural plant ingredients, but, as a rule, these are separate elements of essential oils that are added to the base with a higher burning temperature. Such fragrances burn correctly, without giving a burn.

Well, if you are still a beginner in the love of candle making, you can start your journey with a ready-made kit, where all the ingredients have already been carefully selected and prepared for you.


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