Since ancient times, people have understood how subtle smells can affect a person: some confuse and irritate, some tone up, put them into work, tune their consciousness to spiritual growth, strengthening this state.

«Incense» or incense has always been used by man for healing and healing, ceremonies, and later in perfumery. Mentions are found in the description of ancient rites and rituals of Mesopotamia, Arabia, Egypt, India, Greece and Rome. For many years, incense was not available to ordinary people. Therefore, the use of incense is always covered with a certain mysticism, anticipation and a veil of secrecy… Muted light, a trickle of fragrant smoke, a state of peace and strength — these are images that live for millennia.

The most ancient incense is frankincense, sandalwood, camphor and myrrh. Over the years, the variety of aromas has grown and each of us can pick up something to our liking — today the market offers us many options for incense. The first thing you can stumble upon in stores is incense sticks. They are called Indian or Thai incense, but this is incorrect. They are made on the basis of bamboo sticks, using coal and aromatic oils. When burned, coal does not smell and we feel only a bright, sometimes intrusive, aroma of oil. Real incense, on the other hand, is made entirely on a natural basis by pressing or twisting, often retaining its natural appearance. To create using herbs, trees, resin, pollen and other natural ingredients.

An excellent option for exploring the world of incense or replenishing the collection will be products from SPIRIT RITUALS. We use only natural ingredients that are ethically sourced.

Wood sticks of the Palo Santo tree

The Palo Santo tree was used by the Incas for cleansing, grounding, and ritual purposes. It has a delicate aroma of freshness, with sweet woody notes of pine, cedar, fragrant herbs and citrus, delicate mint and a very warm hint of incense. Palo Santo holds the power of the ancestors.

When should you light a Palo Santo?

● If worried about anxiety;

● With headache;

● Feel overwhelmed;

● To calm the nervous system;

● In a new location for a pleasant energy and atmosphere;

● Before holding any event, lesson, lecture, practice or simply receiving friends and guests;

● For a pleasant smell in the house.

There are several packaging options:

5 mini-sticks for those who want to taste the fragrance;

3 sticks of a larger size;

and premium — 2 sticks, but with more resin.

California white sage

Another offering from SPIRIT RITUALS is California White Sage or White Sage. The variety used in the work is distinguished by its special strength and is most highly valued. The sage is hand-rolled and carefully dried.

The term «sage» itself is a collective category, it includes many different subspecies of this plant. When smoking, it is important to use white sage — one of the species, because it has special healing properties.

Cleansing with white sage will help:

● Get rid of negativity in thoughts and emotions;

● Improve physical condition;

● Purify the air (has antiseptic properties);

● Relax the body and mind;

● Give any room a pleasant fragrance.

Both products are reusable and suitable for room fumigation, meditation or energy charging of the room. The aroma is persistent and will delight you for a long time. Aesthetic packaging and natural minimalism will delight.

Do not limit yourself to the usual ways and look for your rituals. Another property of aromas is dictated by the specifics of our brain — we can “fix” sensations. Catch a state of calm or find a moment when you feel resourceful. Light your favorite SPIRIT RITUALS sticks and repeat this ritual several times at 1-2 day intervals. Now, when you need to enter this state — just light the wood sticks and you will not notice how he «turns on» you.

The same practice can be done with pleasant events and moments that you want to remember. Make fragrance your constant companion and every time something good happens, take out the incense and smell it. As soon as you want to remember it, smell the incense stick.

Feel free to explore the world of incense, aromas and yourself with them. And SPIRIT RITUALS will guide you on this magical path.


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