Do you know what is happening with the climate in our country and in the world as a whole?

I dont know! But I’m sure something is going on. The climate is definitely changing. I live in the Urals, in the Perm region. In his memoirs from the past thirty years, winter temperatures around minus 20 degrees were considered quite normal, typical. Minus 10 was generally considered warm weather. Apparently that’s why I remember fur coats with such warmth and pleasure. For those who do not know fur coats, these are sheepskin mittens. Usually sewn with fur inside. During my childhood, I carried about five of these fur mittens. Fur coats were considered very fashionable clothes and were respected by children and adolescents. It was cool to wear them.

Now in the store you can meet fur coats very rarely. Basically, they have become work clothes and are intended for those who work outdoors in very low temperatures somewhere in the North.

It seemed to us not fair that modern women of fashion are deprived of the opportunity to wear fur mittens. First, they are really warm. Secondly, they can be very beautiful. Thirdly, mittens are just comfortable.

It seemed to us a little outdated and not very interesting to sew them from sheepskin, as our parents and the parents of our parents and the parents of the parents of the parents did. We decided, based on old traditions, to offer our customers an innovative product. Therefore, not natural fur was chosen as the main material, but woven artificial fur in two colors: gray (khaki) and green. Of course, in terms of heat-shielding characteristics, faux fur is significantly inferior to sheepskin. But not without reason, at the beginning of my review, I said that winters have recently become much milder and warmer. Therefore, our replacement of natural fur with artificial fur is fully justified. In addition, the advantages of artificial fur include its environmental friendliness (not a single animal was harmed), economy (lower cost), lightness (weighs less and is more comfortable to wear).

For practical reasons, we made mittens on the side of the palms of natural suede. Preferring a more durable and natural material. With a suede palm at the mitten, you can safely and without fear take hold of the handrails on the bus. You can make snowballs and even work a little with a snow shovel. Of course, if you like this kind of activity.

The cuff is made of eco-leather. It can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or rag and is returned to its original cleanliness.

We decided to make the inner layer of fleece, choosing for a long time from various materials such as wool, cotton, acrylic. But our consultant, a technologist, a great specialist in overalls, clothing for sports and tourism, strongly advised us to fleece, arguing this choice with the rules for equipping tourists and athletes, according to which, after the top protective layer in clothes, there should be a layer of fleece. In this way, good thermal protection, comfort and breathability of the garment are achieved.

And the result is our mittens. Quite warm, beautiful, practical and fashionable.

If you want, buy and wear yourself. You can buy them for a gift. After all, the New Year is coming soon, and a fashionable accessory in the form of fur mittens can be a great gift for your family and friends.


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