A dollhouse is a place in which any girl wants to create coziness. Beautiful interior items and furniture for dolls are what you need. We have collected for you cool sets of furniture and individual items with which the dollhouse will become just like a real one, and there will be no limit to the joy of the child. In the review you will find furniture for dolls up to 10 and up to 30 cm. It remains only to choose what your girl needs!

For dolls up to 10 cm

Nursery and bedroom

The first thing that is important to equip in a dollhouse is a bedroom and a nursery. After all, while the doll is resting, you can safely furnish the rest of the house. A bed for adult dolls, wardrobes, a crib, a chest of drawers, a high chair and a bedside table — everything you need to make the bedroom and nursery cozy and beautiful.

Kitchen and hall

It is always very interesting to come up with new recipes, invite girlfriends with their dolls and arrange evening gatherings. For this to happen more often, the dolls need a comfortable kitchen and a hall where other dolls can gather at a party.

Bathroom and hallway

Often the bathroom and hallway are furnished at the very last moment, but these spaces are also very important. For example, playing in the bathroom is a good way to instill hygiene skills in a child. The set includes a washbasin with a mirror, a bathtub, a chest of drawers, a bench and a toilet bowl.

Furniture set

If there is no time to choose furniture separately for each room, then buy a set right away. It has everything you need to play. The set consists of 4 sets: furniture for the kitchen, bathroom, nursery and bedroom. Suitable for dolls up to 10 cm tall such as mini Barbie, Peppa Pig, Pony, Philly, Shopkins, PJ Masks, Luntik, Paw Patrol, Barboskins, Maya the Bee, Lego men, Sylvanian Family, etc. A set for each room is thought out up to little things, each room has all the necessary furniture. The nursery even has a wooden rocking horse, and the kitchen furniture set includes a stove and a washing machine!

For dolls up to 30 cm

Kitchen and living room

In order to always have a lot of guests in the dollhouse, you need a good environment, a large table and a lot of chairs. In the sets below you will find everything you need for a classy tea party. And do not forget about the kitchen set, because you need to meet guests with a set table and delicious dishes that can be prepared in the doll’s kitchen.


Girls are very fond of equipping a bedroom for dolls: a beautiful bed, a wardrobe where you can hang clothes for dolls — all this is very necessary. After all, girls are girls! In the sets you will find a wardrobe, a miracle bed and a sleeping set. Everything to make the dolls comfortable to rest!

Bathroom and pool

A doll bathroom doesn’t seem important until you buy one! But the pool with a sun lounger is an element of luxury! Not every doll has one. Present such sets to your daughter and be sure that water procedures will become one of her favorites.

Set and additional accessories

Ready-made kits for the house will help to equip the entire doll house at once. Furniture in the same style, important little things will make the doll house cozy and beautiful. And it will be absolutely impossible to tear the child away from the game, because you want to play with such a house forever!


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