GABA tea is a fairly new type of traditional drink that has very unusual properties. The name of the tea comes from the English abbreviation for gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA or GABA) contained in it. The concentration of the acid is achieved by a specific brewing technique designed to impart medicinal properties to the tea. This is one of the few types of tea that is not only possible, but also recommended to be drunk in the evenings, before going to bed.

Origin of GABA tea

Experiments to develop a drink with a higher GABA content than others began in the early 1980s. A unique method of fermenting tea raw materials under anaerobic, that is, oxygen-free conditions, was developed in Japan and began to gain fame due to the unusual properties of the resulting drink. For fermentation, raw materials are placed in special chambers called «Yan yang ji», in which oxygen is removed from the air and the concentration of nitrogen increases.

tea production

GABA is not a separate type of tea, it is only a type of fermentation, so any tea that has undergone special processing can be called it. But most often under this name they mean Taiwanese oolong.

Raw materials for GABA are harvested from the plains of Taiwan. Fermentation and twisting takes place in the same way as in the case of ordinary oolong, only after the raw material is placed in «Yan yang ji» can the tea be considered real GABA. With such fermentation, all the beneficial substances contained in ordinary tea are preserved, only an increase in the concentration of GABA occurs.

Tea taste

Many are accustomed to the fact that healthy foods have an unpleasant taste, but GABA tea is not at all the case. The tea has a rich and complex, but consistently mild taste, in which it is difficult to single out one note. You can feel the spice of herbs, and slight sourness, and mineral saltiness, and a sweetish aftertaste. The color of the brewed tea is golden honey, and the smell resembles a flower. For brewing, it is better to use glass or porcelain teapots, in which the aroma is better revealed.

Beneficial features

Initially, GABA tea began to gain popularity as a remedy recommended for people with high blood pressure and insomnia. It is now known that low levels of GABA in the brain lead to anxiety and depressive disorders, stress and insomnia. Thus, tea containing GABA is effective for the treatment of hypertensive patients and people suffering from certain mental and neurological disorders. Recent studies have shown that GABA is able to pass through the blood-brain barrier, so drinking tea is really effective in combating some disorders. In addition, after entering the body, GABA activates the parasympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for relaxing the body. This property determines the effectiveness of tea in combating the daily stress that every person sometimes experiences at work or school.

Due to the strong influence of tea on the body, there are contraindications to its use. GABA is not recommended for people with low blood pressure, diabetics and those with kidney problems.


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