Today’s market for children’s shoes is overflowing with offers of bright, fashionable and inexpensive shoes made of artificial leather, with the beautiful name eco-leather. The prefix «eco» is associated with safety and respect for nature. But is everything as environmentally friendly as it seems at first glance?! Let’s figure it out.

In most cases, polyvinyl chloride is used for the production of eco-leather. The production of this material in terms of toxicity can only be compared with oil refining! In addition, dioxins are released during the production process, which are among the most toxic compounds on the planet. Their accumulation in the human body leads to a number of diseases, including cancer!

It is also worth thinking about recycling things that have served their time. Genuine leather decomposes naturally without much harm to nature and can be recycled. As for eco-leather, phthalates are released during its decomposition. They penetrate into the soil, into groundwater, and then get into food and into the human body, causing various diseases of the endocrine system.

It is also important to note that genuine leather is produced mainly from animal species that are raised for meat. Many well-known brands have abandoned the genuine leather of rare and exotic animals, thereby showing their environmental friendliness.

Genuine leather, with proper care, will last you much longer. Thus, you will buy a new pair less often and consume more consciously.

For the health of the child, shoes made of genuine leather have no competitors. Let’s analyze its advantages:

high strength;

Keeps warm in the cold

The breathable properties of the skin are relevant in the heat;

Not afraid of sudden changes in temperature;

Adjusts to the shape of the foot

· outer beauty.

Among the manufacturers that make shoes from genuine leather, you should pay attention to the IRIDIS brand. They have a wide range of shoes from 31 to 40 sizes.

Thus, we conclude — «not all that glitters is gold»! And not everything is safe that «eco». Therefore, it is worthwhile to carefully understand what materials the shoes are made of, especially if the health of our children depends on it!


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