At school — books on the curriculum, but what to read at the beginning of the school year to prepare for school and easily tune in to the right rhythm? We have made a selection of such books for you: here you will find publications not only for children, but also for yourself!

«The first time — in the first class», Yuri Koval, Leonid Sergeev, Andrey Platonov

The little man goes to a new chapter of his life — to school! What is waiting for him there? New friends, new knowledge, new teacher and, of course, new adventures. You can plunge into the atmosphere of the first school classes with the book «First time — in the first class.» Inside you will find stories from Yuri Koval, Leonid Sergeev and Andrey Platonov.

«First Grader», Evgeny Schwartz

Reading this book with your grandmother is doubly interesting. First graders will learn about what an important event it is to go to first grade, and grandmothers will remember their childhood and the wonderful film “First Grader”, on which more than one generation of younger schoolchildren grew up.

«Lessons in laughter», Leonid Kaminsky

The most interesting lessons are the lessons of laughter! And with this book, you will be able to visit them all the time, no matter how old you are. You will have the best laughter teacher in the world — Leonid Kaminsky, who will tell you cool and funny stories that happen at school with almost everyone. Yes, you won’t be able to stop laughing!

The Fruits of Enlightenment, Mark Tarlovsky, Lev Novogrudsky, Leonid Popov

Collection of funny stories about school life. About funny incidents, mischievous tricks and inventions of students. About what tricks they sometimes resort to not preparing lessons, and what can come of it. Among the heroes of the collection are Soviet schoolchildren who wore pioneer ties, and modern guys. Much has changed in the lives of children over the years, but still some students are much more pleasant to run all day with a soccer ball or watch an interesting movie, and not do homework, which is always given too much!

“And in our class…”, Mark Tarlovsky, Max Bremener, Valentin Postnikov

No matter how serious schooling is (and this is a responsible matter!), There will always be a reason to smile. So that school does not seem like hard labor, you need to be optimistic about everything — homework, tests, and exams. The book contains funny stories about the school days of a variety of children. Perhaps among the heroes you will find someone similar to yourself and your child. And smile!

«Spoilers», Elena Klishina

This book will appeal to parents and students alike. The main character, ninth-grader Zakhar Tabashnikov, receives an offer from a literature teacher that cannot be refused: in order to somehow pass the exam, he needs to read the books of the school curriculum over the summer. But that’s not all! Not only do you need to read, you also need to write about what you read on your page on the social network. What came of it, you will learn from the book! We promise you a story full of irony, but at the same time revealing our teenagers to us: thinking, vulnerable and much more sensible than their parents.

«Bestuzhevki: the first women’s university», Dmitry Gusev, Anna Rusinova, Tatyana Tsyrlina

An inspirational story about women’s struggle for the right to education! The Bestuzhev courses are a unique phenomenon in the social life of Russia in the last quarter of the 19th and early 20th centuries. They were organized so that women could receive higher education, and existed as a non-state university on private donations. Dmitry Mendeleev, Alexander Butlerov and other Russian stars of world science taught here. Training programs, equipment of laboratories and classes (the courses even had their own observatory and scientific library) corresponded to the level of world universities. The comic tells how in the 19th century three women created the first university for women in St. Petersburg. The book describes their struggle for the right to study, get higher education and work. You will also learn how the Bestuzhev courses were organized, who taught there, who supported the initiative, and why it took women half a century to get into education.

«I Would Never Do That» by Bette Vestera, Naomi Thiman

How to find out about what surrounds you more? How to start thinking for yourself? Questions that concern not only parents, but also children. This book is about the most interesting thing — about ourselves! About what and how we see, how we remember, how we actually feel the taste, how magicians mislead us, how advertising works, how we are influenced by the opinion of not only relatives, but also complete strangers. With the help of examples, tests and games, you and your friends can check how it all works in practice. We assure you that after reading, you will begin to ask new questions and look for answers yourself!


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