The bright holiday of Easter or the Resurrection of Christ is considered one of the main Christian holidays. Easter is celebrated annually, but every year on different days of the month: the date of its celebration «falls» every year on different dates, but invariably on Sunday.

What symbolizes the Easter holiday, what to expect from it and what to give to relatives and friends for Easter as a sign of attention and respect — read in our article. Due to the fact that the day of celebration changes, Easter, as well as such Christian holidays as Palm Sunday, Ascension and the Trinity, are classified as holidays in the Christian calendar, which are called «transient» or «movable».

For the Orthodox, this event marks the victory over sin and death, the beginning of the existence of the world, which was sanctified and redeemed by the Lord Jesus Christ. The Son of the Lord Jesus Christ sacrificed his life and was martyred on the cross, thus showing his love for people, and his Resurrection gives hope.

The sacred holiday of Easter is the day when the penetration from earth to heaven took place, and death turns into life. The custom of giving gifts at Easter is as old as the holiday itself. This is the time of resurrection and rebirth to life. It is not for nothing that Easter falls on spring time, when all living things awaken. Of course, this holiday is accompanied by traditional attributes, such as fresh or paper flowers, painted Easter eggs, Easter cakes decorated with colored sweets.

Traditional gifts for Easter are, of course, painted or red eggs. As the legend says during the reign of the Roman emperor, ordinary people who came to the court of the emperor with any request had to present him with some kind of gift. Mary Magdalene informed the emperor about the miracle of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And since, apart from a white egg, she had nothing as a gift, she handed the emperor an egg with the words “Christ is risen”! Tiberius, who was present at the same time, declared that he did not believe a single word and would believe it only if this egg turns red. And then a miracle happened, right in the hands of the emperor, the egg acquired a bright red color. In shock, Tiberius proclaimed «Truly risen!». From there, this Easter greeting, which has become traditional, came from.

On the day of the feast of the Resurrection of Christ, all churches hold church services, and it is customary for believing Christians to bake Easter cakes, cook curd Easter, paint and paint eggs, go to visit each other, and also wait for guests, cordially opening the doors in their home. And, of course, give gifts to your closest and dearest people.

In the question of what to give for Easter, it is important to understand one thing. Gifts for Easter are not only material value, but also a gift coming from the heart. Sometimes even a modest and small souvenir, chosen with love, can become more valuable and desirable even than an expensive gift.

What to give for Easter?

A lot of people ask themselves this question. When choosing a gift for this holiday, for relatives and friends, it is best to avoid spontaneous purchases of the first items that come across in souvenir shops. Do not forget that this holiday does not require mandatory gifts, they must come from the heart.

To congratulate your loved ones and relatives, and this can be a mother and wife, sister and daughter, grandmother or girlfriend, on this great Christian holiday, you can give an original, sweet for the heart souvenir, which does not have to be practical at all. Choose something beautiful and, if possible, symbolic.

Here we are ready to offer small symbolic handmade soap sets for Easter, Easter bunnies, Easter eggs and much more. This kind of specific Easter gift is sure to charm any woman. Among Christian holidays, there are only a few as significant as the Resurrection of Christ. Of course, gifts are not universally recognized on this day as, for example, at Christmas.

However, the custom of sharing one’s joy with one’s neighbors also affected this holiday. If you could not decide on the choice of a present, you have very little time left or do not know what to prefer, our handmade soap shop will be happy to help you choose great gifts for Easter.


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