Girls! Don’t buy this for anything!

… otherwise on March 8 you will have towels and aprons instead of jewelry))

Well, shaving foam, deodorant and socks again?

Is this really what our men deserve?

What about wristwatches? They will show the status of the owner and your attitude towards him much more.

Wristwatches have long ceased to be only a means of tracking time. Watches have been a status indicator since before the advent of iPhones. And now no one will refuse a Rolex instead of a phone. Only Rolex is not affordable for everyone, and the young, but already loved by many, FERRO brand of wristwatches can be found a status model.

But do not grab your head and check the balance on the card. Status does not mean expensive. Status is quality, style, taste!

Shades of white, rose and yellow gold. Iridescent silver, sapphire blue, charcoal black, aubergine. A leather strap or a stainless steel bracelet, a dial with or without chronographs add brutality to male models.

Fashionable and stylish, FERRO watches combine the latest fashion trends and quality at an affordable price. With FERRO watches, you can afford to have several models of different styles and regularly replenish your collection, while remaining in trend without much damage to your budget. If you want to please a loved one — buy a fashionable men’s watch for him as a gift!

A watch is the only accessory that any man can wear, especially one who does not like chains or bracelets. And if it is a spectacular wrist watch, then both a young man and an aged man will like it.

In today’s review of a status quartz watch with a working chronograph from the FERRO brand.

Let’s start with reference 10178804 in black, dark gray and silver, with a red accent on the second hand. This model will harmoniously look both with a strict business suit and with light sportswear. The owner of this watch will look brutal and stylish. Perhaps he will hear requests to clarify what time it is more often.

Another interesting version of the chronograph: a jet-black stainless steel bracelet, an alloy alloy case that does not cause allergies (as, in fact, all watches of the FERRO brand), with a case, hands and indexes, in the form of notches, in a rose gold tone. This model 9329145 will be an excellent finishing touch in a man’s image.

Those who already have at least one watch in their wardrobe, but want something original, should pay attention to the model 10729009 FERRO watch. It is made entirely in the classic silver color, but the chameleon glass is that originality. Even if your recipient is not one of those men who is able to wear bright socks or a tie, a little color on the watch face will not hurt. And it will certainly attract additional attention of others.

Continuing the theme of color, we do not pass by the shades of blue!

Who wants to go to a new level of color classics, but stay within the classic design, you need to consider other watch models. Simple yet elegant, with a round case, working chronographs, in combination with silver, black and rose gold tone. Two models — 9418144 and 9360727 — have a stainless steel strap. But model 9360715 is presented with a leather bracelet in brown, blue and black.

A couple of minimalist models stand out from the review of chronographs. The main idea of ​​such watches is design. For example, model 7886292 is an unusual embossed watch with risks instead of numbers and an aperture. All black strap and dial, rose gold tone case. By the way, they can decorate both male and female wrists.

In model 10829563 you will see only one date aperture and a deep blue color or, as an alternative, black (of course, there are also hands). They are already appreciated by buyers who have left positive feedback. But don’t take our word for it — get them and see for yourself!

All these models are complemented by a high-quality metal foulard box, in which the watch is packed. Therefore, you do not need to figure out what to pack a gift in!

Elegant classic and modern FERRO watches not only have an attractive design, but also have a number of technical advantages:

— Watch water resistance class — 3 atm. This means that you can wash your hands in the watch or get caught in light rain. Take a shower in them, swim or dive is still not worth it.

— High quality: Japanese movement, mineral glass, Alloy watch case (hypoallergenic and safe for health), stainless steel bracelet or genuine leather.

— The optimum ratio of price and quality. The high standards to which the watches are made do not require serious expenses. You can have several pairs of decent watches and change them according to your mood.

— Guarantee for the mechanism — 1 year.

The FERRO watch is not only a status accessory that completes a stylish look, but also a great gift at an affordable price!


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