June 18 is International Picnic Day. And now, when you can already go to the park, having taken sandwiches and delicious tea with you in advance, it’s time for such a pleasant pastime. Take the kids and get out into nature! And in our selection we have collected for you all the necessary goods that you may need for a picnic.

Picnic sets

Carrying dishes in bags with you is such a pleasure! It is better to take a special picnic kit, which will have all the necessary items. This option is just great, especially if you are going on a picnic with the whole family.

Thermos for tea or cocoa

What could be better than hot tea or aromatic cocoa in nature? That is why a thermos is a must! And if you like cool drinks, for example, compote, then you can’t do without a thermos either. After all, a good thermos keeps not only warm, but also cool.

Cooler bag

So that the products do not deteriorate while you and your baby are reading books in nature or watching the clouds, you need a cooler bag. With such a friend, you can spend at least the whole day in nature and not be afraid that such a picnic can have sad consequences for the digestive system.

Bedding or blanket

You can take an ordinary blanket with you, but it’s still better to find a special one for a picnic. On this and sit softer and the risk of catching a cold is minimal.

Wet wipes

Since there is not always water nearby in the park, it is a must to bring wet wipes with you. You will need them if you suddenly need to wipe your hands, and running water, for example, runs out.

Remember to bring a small first aid kit with you in case of emergencies: it must contain a bandage, an antiseptic, a band-aid and hydrogen peroxide. May your picnic be peaceful and enjoyable. Walk more often, spend time with children and enjoy life!


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