The debate about which is better, silver or gold, has been going on since time immemorial. However, both metals have their own advantages and look equally good if the owner of the jewelry has made the right choice.

There are many ways to understand which metal suits you personally. The easiest way is to pay attention to the type of your appearance. Silver is suitable for girls with fair skin and dark hair, gold for blondes and ladies with dark skin tones. Red beauties are the luckiest of all, because silver and gold jewelry suit them equally.

Another working way to choose a metal color is to refer to your style of clothing. If in your wardrobe you have mostly minimalist outfits, oversized or rough styles, then you should pay attention to silver. Gold is suitable for those who prefer more luxurious, fitted or elegant things.

Of course, everyone makes a choice for himself. And if the above recommendations seem alien to you, you can always listen to your feelings and choose a metal based on your character traits.

Well, the Minimal!st brand provides you with products for every taste, regardless of your metal color preferences!


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