The modern textile industry produces countless varieties of fabrics that have unique properties. One of the materials that deserves special attention is matting.

Gunny is a type of fabric. The technology for the production of matting lies in a special method of weaving fibers. The fabric uses a double, and sometimes triple, weave. For different types of products, their threads are used. Thin threads are used for tailoring, thick threads for furniture upholstery, and medium threads for home textiles.

High-quality matting consists of fabrics containing cotton, silk, linen or woolen threads with a small addition of synthetic fibers. Polyester and acrylic are popular. The presence of synthetic fibers makes it possible to make matting cheaper, more plastic, and more aesthetically pleasing. The performance of the fabric is also improved.

The history of the emergence of matting

Historically, the material began to be called matting, because it was made from cattail. This plant was specially cultivated for the production of fabrics. The material was woven at home on machines made specifically for weaving matting. In ancient times, matting was made exclusively from natural materials and was rough and dense. Bags, work clothes, carpet rugs and upholstery fabrics were made from matting.

Later, new technologies in the manufacture of matting began to be introduced. Instead of cattail, linden bast began to be added to the composition of matter. Ropes were woven from it in ancient times. Bast was carefully processed by soaking in liquid, then washed from impurities and then dried. Such material was already much softer, but still remained quite rough.

Characteristics of fabric matting

Weaving matting is similar to a chessboard, which is obtained by double or triple weaving of threads. The structure can be of two types with or without pile. Fibers are selected of natural origin:

  • silk;
  • woolen;
  • linen;
  • cotton.

And synthetic threads:

  • acrylic;
  • polyester;
  • mixed.

Natural fibers, in modern production, are necessarily diluted with synthetic ones. This reduces the cost of the fabric and increases their reliability.

Kitchen towels made of matting

Kitchen towels made of gunny have a high density, it is difficult to damage it. After numerous washes, the towel will not lose its shape. With the help of towels made of matting, it is convenient to get hot dishes from the oven. Textiles for the kitchen are available in a variety of colors and designs, making it a wonderful gift for every hostess.

A matting towel quickly absorbs a large amount of liquid. Dries quickly to prevent bacterial growth. Gunny has antiseptic properties.

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