Bows are classic accessories and will never go out of style. They easily decorate the hairstyle and complement any outfit, giving the image originality and individuality.

Summer is the time for bows and bows.

Handmade bows, what is important to pay attention to when choosing?

Bows size. Standard bows 7-8 cm, this is the most convenient size. These bows are ideal for every day, fit perfectly under a hat or panama hat.

Less than 5-6 centimeters are small bows, they are mainly decorated with hairstyles for babies. The main task is the convenience and safety of the child.

More than 10 cm — large bows. Holidays, celebrations, photo sessions — here they are the main ones, in the spotlight. What stops your eyes when a girl is spinning in a dance at a New Year’s holiday or graduation? What touches when a first grader proudly holds a huge bouquet on her first school line? What attracts your attention in children’s photographs? That’s right — bows.

Pay attention to the material and shape of the bows

What are they made of? Simple or complex? It depends on how long they last you. If the bows are made only from satin ribbons, then most likely they will wrinkle, keep their shape poorly, fade quickly in the sun, or lose their color after washing. Plus bows made of satin ribbons — they shine, thanks to the glossy surface. Rep tape has a matte finish. Handmade bows made of rep ribbons keep their shape and color better. It is optimal when two types of these tapes are combined in a product.

Is glue used in making bows?

The answer to this question will tell you how to care for bows. Glue is used if there are decorative elements on the bows. Often bows are connected with an elastic band or hairpin with glue. Therefore, in most cases, gentle hand washing is recommended for bows. Usually in finished products you can see whether they are glued or sewn. In my bows I try to sew everything that can be sewn, I glue only decorative elements (middle) and elastic bands.

What are the bows attached to?

Hairpins or rubber bands. It all depends on the hairstyle in which the bow should harmoniously fit. In my bows, I use only 4 cm seamless elastic bands, they do not hurt the hair and are suitable for most children’s hairstyles.

How are handmade bows packed?

It is important. If the bows are packed in a box, they will not wrinkle during transportation, they can be given as a gift. Not to mention the aesthetics, a well-packaged product is a pleasure to hold in your hands.

Bundle of bows

How many bows are sold, one or 2 pieces. As a rule, bows for girls come in a pair (2 pieces), but it is better to check this point before making a purchase.

The weather swings us on its swing, throwing us either warm or cold. We all know summer is just around the corner. Soon the sun will warm us with its rays.

The girls will take off their hats. And we will all admire their lush curls, decorated with bright, stylish, fashionable, so different and beloved bows. Yes, the time of bows has come.


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