Often, despite all the praises of the product, its auxiliary qualities can play a cruel joke with us.

For example, I bought a new shampoo with a dispenser — ideally — you don’t need to open it, you need the right volume with 1 click, the result is stunning. But the dispenser does not reach the bottom and the precious shampoo remains at the bottom of the bottle — sadness.

Or, I fell in love with the base — it doesn’t sag, it self-levels, it repairs, it holds corners, and the brush in the new jar is hard.

What’s with the brush and what to do?

First of all, peace of mind, everything is under control and this is the norm. Most often, brushes are treated with factory adhesive (especially brushes with long pile). This is a special way for gentle storage and transportation of brushes.⠀

Brushes are not packaged individually, otherwise this will immediately affect their value. But mass processing with a light adhesive composition, so that the pile does not fluff, the villi do not knock out one by one and do not bend — it is done on a conveyor.⠀

We know the reason — we avoid unpleasant consequences.

Before use, such a brush must be treated with a slightly damp cloth, previously moistened with a degreaser or brush washing liquid. Napkins are better to choose lint-free.

And voila — the brush becomes soft, obedient and capable of brilliant work in seconds.

For comfortable work, we recommend X-Gel gel polishes from Ingarden


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