Heat treatment is the process of heating pre-dried wood, in our case pine, to high temperatures (up to 185 degrees Celsius). The technological process of heat treatment is controlled and continuous, which allows you to adjust the properties of wood and achieve the desired result.

During heat treatment, the chemical composition of wood changes, the hygroscopicity of wood fibers decreases, wood acquires unique properties for itself — resistance to moisture, stability of shapes and sizes. Decrease in moisture absorption and breakdown of hemicellulose (wood sugar) improve the biostability of the wood. Heat-treated wood does not require additional treatment with antiseptics, since such wood does not have sufficient conditions for the vital activity of microorganisms, which ensures durability of the material. In addition, heat treatment improves the aesthetic qualities of wood — pine acquires a uniform beautiful color, the tone of which depends both on the processing temperature and on the type of wood.

The heat treatment process begins with a careful selection of lumber, and then every step of the production process — from pre-drying to final moisture — is tightly controlled. A single controlled technological process guarantees a stable output of high quality products.

Almost all types of wood can be heat treated. However, pine, spruce, aspen are most often used as raw materials. Heat-treated wood of these widespread species takes on the qualities of valuable wood species, and can serve as an alternative to them. As a result of heat treatment, a solid, environmentally friendly and beautiful material is obtained.

The main properties of heat-treated wood:

•Reduction of equilibrium moisture by 90-99% compared to conventional wood

•Improved biostability and weatherability, reducing the risk of mold damage

•Increased hardness, but slightly reduced bending strength

•Improvement of thermal insulation properties

• Uniform staining of wood over the entire section

•Reducing the weight of wood

•Increasing the durability of the material by 15-25 times (!)

Due to its unique properties and excellent appearance, heat-treated wood is widely used both for interior decoration of premises (including saunas), flooring, and for exterior cladding of buildings; ideal for terraces, garden furniture, piers, boats and anything else you can imagine.


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