That’s why you fly up because you touched the ground with your heel.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe «Faust»

Don’t want to be spurred by your own spur?

They say that there is no truth in the legs. But if you turn your eyes to the foot, then you can find a lot of truth there: corns, corns, cracks, fungal infections and the bitterest truth — a spur in the heel.

10% of diseases of the musculoskeletal system are accounted for by the heel spur, which spurs a person and often does not allow him to move. The length of the spur is from 3 to 12 mm. But even the smallest spur sometimes causes unbearable, sharp, unbearable pain, like a nail being driven into the heel.

The most burning pain a person experiences when taking the first steps after a long sitting, or in the morning after sleep, getting to his feet. After it «disperses», the pain decreases. But in the evening, usually, it intensifies again;

Pain can occur suddenly or develop gradually and become chronic. People with a spur try to stand on a sore heel less often, their performance is noticeably reduced;

If the spurs are on both heels, the person is almost unable to walk.

What is a spur?

Heel spur is a disease that is associated with inflammation of the muscles, ligaments and tendons in the heel area. Gradually, the inflammatory process leads to the appearance of growths on the calcaneus (osteophytes). These spikes cut into the soft tissues of the foot and injure them, causing severe sharp pain. 80% of those who experience heel pain while walking are women.

The main causes of heel spurs are:

flat feet,

· metabolic disease,

· excess weight,

foot injuries, especially heels,

circulatory disorders, such as diabetes,

excessive stress on the heels (playing sports, wearing high-heeled shoes).

Can a heel spur be removed?

Remember that any heel spur is treatable.

There are many methods of treatment, ranging from conservative measures, numerous physiotherapy, home methods, and ending with surgical treatment, which allows you to get rid of the bone growth itself.

It is important to know that it is not the growth itself that causes pain, but the torn, injured, inflamed and swollen tissues that surround the spur. Therefore, it often happens that after the treatment, inflammation disappears, tissues heal, blood flow and pain improve, as it appeared suddenly, so suddenly it goes away. And the spur itself, as it was, remains in place, but is already silent and the pain may never return. The simplest, most affordable and attractive way to influence the spur is transdermal (through the skin). To do this, use local treatment in the form of ointments, gels, creams, the action of which is aimed at removing inflammation of the tissues around the heel tubercle and increasing the elasticity of the ligaments. In this case, even a bone growth will not cause pain when walking. But to get the effect, all the components of the cream must overcome the skin barriers and get into the pathological focus.

As part of the cream-balm for the feet DOCTOR BOBYR® №4 there are natural conductors — cocoa butter, boswellia extract, tea tree essential oil. They deliver all the components of the cream directly to the pathological focus.

According to the mechanism of action, the active components of the cream can be divided into several main groups:

· extracts, resolving heel spur— propolis extract, tea tree essential oil,

· plant extracts and natural ingredients that have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects — sesame oil, cocoa butter, cognac mannan, propolis extract, apple seed extract, sweet clover extract, boswellia extract, tea tree essential oil, CO2 burdock extract, CO2 amaranth extract,

· plants that improve blood flow and metabolic processes in the damaged area —sesame oil, sweet clover extract, boswellia extract, tea tree essential oil, CO2 amaranth extract,

· plants that stimulate the synthesis of collagen, which contributes to the restoration of tissues damaged by a spur — cognac mannan.

As a result of this multifactorial influence, the following occurs:

disappearance of heel pain

restoration of the functional activity of the foot,

resorption of the spur, confirmed by x-ray,

softening of the skin of the feet.

Mode of application.

Cream-balm Dr. Bobyr №4 Apply with massaging movements on the skin of the foot 2-3 times a day until completely absorbed.

To speed up the effect, it is advisable to preliminarily hold your feet in hot (400C-450C) water for 10-15 minutes with the addition of 1-2 teaspoons of soda.

Perform the procedures daily until a positive result occurs. After that, it is useful to carry out a few more procedures to consolidate the result.
Average course: 10 — 12 procedures.

If the heels hurt for a long time and the pain is strong, then it is recommended to apply cream-balm Dr. Bobyr® No. 4 for feet 3-4 times during the day.

After the evening procedure, it is advisable to wear cotton socks.

These activities are well combined with orthopedic insoles or heel pads made of soft materials.

Contraindications: individual intolerance to the components of the cream.

Remember, heel spurs heal for everyone. Use a natural cream based on herbal ingredients and your gait will become easy again.


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