I want to give a necessary, original and memorable thing for the wedding. Many decide to donate money so that the newlyweds themselves acquire the desired item. It’s really convenient and great.

At the same time, givers want their present to be remembered. A good option is to add a small memorable gift to the money.

We offer to give original and romantic gift — wine table and serving bowl.

it one item with two functions.

It can be used with stable legs as a wine table or turned into a convenient cabinet by folding the legs.

A wine table is a round tray divided into sectors for snacks, with recesses for a bottle of wine or champagne and two glasses. Such a table will definitely be especially popular with newlyweds in Honeymoon. With it you can serve chic breakfast in bedarrange romantic dinnersorganize picnics in nature. Menazhnitsa — the same table with folded legs. Legs are held securely with strong magnets. You can safely serve such a dish on any holiday table. The attention of guests will surely be attracted by a beautiful and unusual dish. The table is made from 100% solid ash, perfectly polished, oiled. The table is environmentally friendly. You can put any food in it: snacks, sauces, fruits, cheeses.

Such a gift will last for many years and will remind the couple of the wedding and the donor. wine table packaged in a beautiful gift box.

A wine table costs less than a bouquet of flowers, while bringing much more benefit and joy.

Please the newlyweds with a useful and memorable gift, order a wine table.


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