As soon as the baby begins to sit, he will definitely need a high chair. So, the process of eating will be convenient, and the comfort of the crumbs will be at the highest level. Today we want to tell you about the Nuovita Orbita highchairs, which will become real «helpers» for mom during a family dinner or lunch.

Suitable for children from 6 months to 3 years. When you buy the Nuovita Orbita highchair, you get a real «helper» that will be with you for a long time and will change depending on the height of the child.

The chair has 7 levels of height adjustment. In this way, you can use the chair with different types of tables — from coffee tables to high bar tables.

The material of the seat cover is eco-leather. This is very convenient, because if the child stains the highchair — spills juice or soup — then it will be easier to wash the cover. In addition, the tray and tabletop are removable: they can be washed both by hand and in the dishwasher.

There are 5-point safety harnesses, as well as a removable inter-leg limiter. Children are constantly moving, so a reliable safety system is provided in the highchair: belts and an inter-leg limiter. They will hold the child, not allowing him to slip or fall from the chair. At the same time, they will not cause inconvenience to the baby: they hold securely, but do not hinder movements.

The table is adjustable in depth and has 2 positions. You can not worry that the baby will be cramped and uncomfortable, but choose the appropriate position for the table.

There is an adjustable footrest. The Nuovita Orbita highchairs have an adjustable footrest that can be set at three different levels so that the baby can sit comfortably.

The weight of the chair is 9.95 kg. If you move it around the room when folded, then it will not give you much difficulty. This is very important, since it is unlikely that an already tired mother will want to carry weights.

Manual wheel locking system. The highchair has a manual wheel locking system, which is made for safety and ease of use. The chair will not move even if the baby constantly fidgets on it, since the wheels are locked by default. You will only be able to move the chair if you remove the manual stopper.

Dimensions of the chair when folded — 270x550x800 mm. The rather small size of the folded chair allows you to store it even in a small kitchen so that it will not bother anyone.

Nursing chairs Nuovita Orbita are what any modern mother needs so that family breakfasts, lunches and dinners do not turn into “dances with a tambourine”, but bring only positive emotions from the meal.


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