So what is Holi paint and Holi festival?

One of the brightest holidays, which has gained incredible popularity in recent years, is Holi. This holiday comes from India and is already centuries old, it symbolizes the arrival of springtime, purification, the awakening of new life. Perhaps the holiday would not have gained such fame if it were not for the cute and unusual tradition of sprinkling each other with colorful paints, which our people also liked.

How Holi Festivals Are Celebrated.

For Holi, it is customary to wear light-colored clothes, preferably white, made from natural fabrics. Clothing should be simple, light, comfortable, not constrain movements, and not interfere with enjoying the brightness of this holiday.

My Holi paints are well removed from the body with plain water or wet wipes. Often it is enough just to shake them off the clothes. Holi paints are well washed out of the hair with a regular shampoo.

Before the holiday, you need to stock up on colored powders, because they fill the holiday with a special atmosphere. At the appointed time and as a team, everyone who wants to pick up a little dye, and then throw it up. Such joint volleys allow the participants to paint in all the colors of the rainbow, and get a lot of fun and a charge of positive emotions. Then the festival participants begin to throw colored powders at each other. On average, one participant needs 300-500 gr. powder.

If you are afraid of accidentally inhaling the powder or you have any diseases of the organs of vision, breathing, allergic reactions to food dyes, you can use personal protective equipment (masks, goggles, scarves. Photo and video equipment must also be protected.

Composition and application of Holi colors My Holi.

My Holi Holi paints are exclusively of natural plant origin, therefore they are considered absolutely safe for human health. Our paints are made using starch or cornmeal with the addition of food coloring. Usually, Holi colors are used not only for the festival, they are often used in other areas, namely:

— for bright and spectacular photo shoots;

— for body painting;

— at children’s and adult holidays;

— for theatrical productions.

— for genderpati.


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