🟣 Holy Week is an important period for believers, associated with many traditions and customs.

Easter is celebrated on April 24 this year.

What should be done before Easter?

✅ 1. Cleanse the soul, body and everything that surrounds us. On Holy Week, believers begin to put things in order in their lives and in their homes. What needs to be done?

🔹 Wash the windows and wash the curtains to open the way to your home for divine light.

🔹 Dismantle things: distribute unnecessary to those in need, throw away broken ones. This is especially true for broken dishes and mirrors — these things have no place in your home.

🔹 Carry out general cleaning. Usually, cleaning is carried out on Maundy Thursday (this year April 21), but in general, household chores can be divided into several days:

— Wash clothes, store seasonal items, tidy up summer items.

— Eradicate parasites: cockroaches, bedbugs, ants.

-Wipe dust everywhere.

✅ 2. Eradicate sinful thoughts. A person who allows himself bad thoughts and unkind thoughts is already a sinner. Therefore, for those who want to lead a spiritual life, it is important to remember that bad thoughts must be eradicated immediately and fought to the end. It is necessary to throw out from the depths of the heart that which can lie there for years and pull to the bottom.

✅ 3. Before Easter, especially if a lot of time has passed since the last communion, you need to repent and take communion. Confession requires a deep understanding of what has been experienced and is necessary in order to throw out from the depths of the heart that which can lie there for years and pull to the bottom.

✅ 4. Get rid of negativity. There is an amazing custom that has survived to this day. For the rite of purification, water should be drawn from any source and placed for several hours under the home altar. After the allotted time, cross yourself three times, read «Our Father» and pour water over. You can leave a little water to sprinkle the thresholds of the front door, thereby blocking the entrance to the house of negativity and bad people.

✅ 5. Take time to read the Gospel and remember the earthly life of Christ. Holy Week is a time for attending services and prayers.


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