What can tell about you your home clothes? Actually — a lot! Reveal character traits and hobbies, express your «I» and emphasize your dignity — all this is capable of sleeping and relaxing clothes.

What is the first association with nightwear? Many will immediately call a nightgown. In the old days, it was mandatory for both sexes, it was worn as a «bottom layer» during the day and slept in it at night. Therefore, the shirt for a long time was in the lead among the possible outfits for sleep. In the modern world, the range has become much wider. The variety of home clothes has increased, thus the buyer has a choice!

What can a nightie say about a woman’s character? Most often, feminine and romantic natures prefer such varieties of home clothes. And for sure — it is seductive nightgowns that can be found in the dressing room of that girl who wants to look sexy in the eyes of her partner.

Pajamas — comfort and playful mood

Pajamas entered our lives in the second half of the 19th century, thanks to the English expansion to India. The word pyjāmā itself comes from Hindi and means loose, light pants with a drawstring. Of course, in the aristocratic society of Victorian England, one could not even think about going out in “pajamas” to people. Therefore, this clothing remained part of, rather, bed wardrobe.

If we talk about the nature of women who prefer pajamas: psychologists believe that these clothes are chosen by those who value comfort above all else, not only during sleep, but also in motion. And the fashion for wearing pajamas outside the bedroom has become especially common among young intellectuals in recent years.


If a girl chooses silk dressing gowns with lace and ruffles, she seems to show that she wants to be loved. He betrays her romantic mood. Such clothes can raise her self-esteem. It is worn by self-confident women who are used to always pampering themselves, always know what they want from life. But, despite this, they are vulnerable and sensual natures, they need admiration and approval. They are perceptive, notice every detail, and are not accustomed to forgiving others even small mistakes.


One of the most popular «sleepy» kits. This is how more than half of the girls sleep. They are not hot and comfortable. This is how open and sociable girls often dress, who are not shy about their figure, like to spend the evening with a glass of wine and order pizza.


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