Sweatshirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatshirts, sweatshirts… there are so many names for a piece of clothing that many simply refer to as a “jacket”. But in fact, all these types of clothing are far from the same thing, they have their own similarities and differences between themselves. That is why we invite you to figure out what actually lies behind the names of these very comfortable and warm clothing models.


What many call a sweatshirt is actually a sweatshirt. This is a light sweatshirt that is both warm and does not hinder movement.

How to distinguish a sweatshirt from fellows? Yes, very simple. First of all, it does not have any fasteners, pockets and hoods. Only 4 holes in which you need to stick your arms, torso and head.

This is a one-piece piece made of heavy cotton, fleece, polyester or footer, with raglan sleeves and a round neck. The shoulders are often slightly sloping. Often you can see a triangle with a lining under the neck, which was originally intended to absorb sweat from the neck during training, but now it is more of a decorative element. Ribbed at the sleeves and at the bottom. Sweatshirts are both plain and with all sorts of prints, for every taste and color.

Transformed over the years from an athlete’s wear to a casual piece of clothing, the sweatshirt has now become the cornerstone of casual style. If you want — wear it with a coat, if you want — with a leather jacket, if you want — with sweatpants. Suitable for everything…


A hoodie is the type of clothing that you unknowingly call a «hoodie». In general, those who speak English with “you” could guess this, because in English “hood” is a hood.

A hoodie can be confused with an anorak — a light jacket with a hood, also worn over the head. Especially if the hoodie has large patch pockets in front — «kenguryatniki», and the lacing dangles on the hood. But a hoodie is not a jacket, it’s a hoodie, is it hard to remember?

Hoodies are the perfect thing. Thanks to the soft material, a comfortable body temperature is maintained. Therefore, you can wear a sweatshirt under a coat in winter, and under a light jacket in spring, and even take it with you in summer in case it gets cold at night.


A sweatshirt is a type of sweater, originally designed for sports. The main distinguishing feature of the sweatshirt is the presence of a hood. Some models may also have fasteners (both full-length and short), and pockets.

Most often, sweatshirts are confused with sweatshirts, but these products differ not only in the absence or presence of any structural elements, but also in the fact that the sweatshirt managed to become an element of everyday looks, while the sweatshirt remained part of sports kits.

The popularization of street fashion has led to the fact that sweatshirts, sweatshirts and hoodies are appropriate for any event. Now it is not only training clothes, but an independent, basic component of any men’s and women’s wardrobe.


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