The Evolution of Style project has long been loved by customers of the Wildberries online store. Creating a new image with the help of experienced stylists is a great opportunity to change yourself and your life. It just takes a little courage and a good mood.

Our heroine is a pretty girl Olga, mother of two teenage sons, divorced, teaches economics at school. Perfectly knows how to analyze, calculate and save the family budget. She is worried, a timid smile and slight embarrassment are read on her face. Olga is waiting for a reincarnation and the first photo session in her life — Wildberries stylists have selected fashionable looks especially for her.

— Do your sons help you choose clothes? — we ask Olga.

— The elder rarely advises, and the younger — yes. I periodically take him with me to the store, if he likes it, then you definitely need to take it! A real helper!

— Do your boys choose their own clothes in the store? Asking for your advice?

— Of course, we do most of the shopping together and my word will be decisive. Sometimes there are things that I definitely won’t buy, even if they are fashionable and the guys like them. Most often it happens like this: there are a number of items of clothing that I am ready to buy and buy, but with the proviso that you can’t go to school in this, but in everyday life — please.

How often do you update your wardrobe? Do you plan your purchases in advance or does it happen spontaneously?

— I rarely plan, change not so often. When there is an acute desire or already just an obvious need.

— Have there been situations when you woke up and realized that you were completely bored with your wardrobe and needed to be radically replaced immediately?

— Yes. There is such a state when you want significant changes, something new, bright.

— But such expenses can cause tangible damage to the family budget. Is it rational to do so from an economic point of view?

— It all depends on you, if you plan ahead and have the necessary savings, then why not. Such updates are quite acceptable once every 3-4 months.

— Is a consumer loan or an installment purchase a good solution for a radical wardrobe change? Or are these methods not suitable for families?

— Personally, I am categorically against it. A loan for a car — yes, for clothes — never. I’d rather wait until payday. A lot depends on your income and monthly expenses. My friends, for example, take consumer loans, this option suits them. For me, this is not acceptable.

— How to plan a family budget so that mom has the opportunity to spend part of the funds for herself? What can you advise our readers?

— I recommend saving up to 30% of your income for unforeseen needs every month. Including spending on yourself, sometimes you need to pamper yourself. Without positive emotions it is very boring to live!

We thank Olga for an interesting conversation and offer to try on some stylish sets. The transformation turned out to be spectacular and a radiant look perfectly complements the image. Olga was satisfied with the result and will use the experience gained in the future. You can get acquainted in detail with the new images of our heroine on the page of the heading «Evolution of style».

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