Why you need a grill pan

Do grill pans really mimic grilling? The taste of grilled dishes depends on many nuances. Their main feature is a combination of different tastes of toasted and charred products. This is a characteristic feature of cooking over high heat — the higher the heating temperature, the greater the contrast. Add smoke and a bit of bitterness to this, and we get the perfect meat cooked on a grill grate.
Can a frying pan do that? When you place a chicken fillet on metal ribs, the meat in contact with the hot metal instantly absorbs a large portion of the heat. The result is fast cooking with the typical charred effect of a grill.

If you are asking yourself: Why do you need a grill pan, we will be happy to answer this question:

To cook not only tasty, but also beautiful dishes with a crispy crust and golden patterns

products are more steamed, and meat is deprived of the lion’s share of fat, which is why dinners are as healthy as possible

saving vegetable oil — just lubricate food or metal ribs

· awaken the appetite of children who do not want to eat anything — well, who would refuse a ruddy striped sausage?

How is a grill pan different from a regular pan?

The main difference between a grill pan and a regular pan is the ribbed bottom and great health benefits. When you fry in a classic flat-bottomed skillet, the meat cooks in oil and its own fat. But what happens when you put a steak on the ribs? Fat flows to the bottom of the dish and does not come into contact with the meat, so you get a more healthy and dietary dish. Plus, you don’t need to preheat the pan with oil. Before cooking dinner, it is enough to grease the metal ribs with a thin layer of oil. The advantage is that the food is not «fried» in fat, but cooked like a grill.
Grill pans have a strong, thick bottom that allows you to cook over high heat. This design allows you to get juicy, tender and fragrant steaks with golden stripes for lunch. The massive bottom not only distributes heat evenly, but also retains it well. Because of this moment, the dishes are heavier.

Why are there recesses on the sides of the grill pan? They are designed to drain hot oil. Thanks to them, the steak does not form a crust from its own fat. It will fry faster, will not be bitter and will bring you more benefits than cholesterol. It also ensures that the chicken and pork stay juicy and not dry inside.

What dishes to cook on a grill pan

FISH. Pre-marinate the fish so that it retains valuable properties: calcium, omega-3, phosphorus and other minerals. Eat fish at least once a week.

MEAT. Ready-made meat products are deprived of a large portion of fat, and therefore they turn out to be healthy and not heavy on the stomach.

VEGETABLES. Vegetables that are too juicy, such as overripe tomatoes, are not suitable for grilling. Cook peppers, eggplant, zucchini. If you wrap vegetables in foil, you won’t need olive oil at all.

MUSHROOMS. These products strengthen the immune system and contain a storehouse of useful substances. It is during grilling that mushrooms retain their maximum valuable properties.

FRUIT. You can brown apples or pears in a skillet. You can safely cook soft and hard fruits.

How to cook on a grill pan

Want to cook in a skillet without oil? Preheat the pot for 5 minutes and then place the chicken or beef steak on the ribs. You will hear a magnificent hissing sound, after which frying will begin like on a grill.

Rules for frying pork and beef steaks in a grill pan:

· Pork is fried on a red-hot dish. Add olive oil to the steaks, not the bottom of the steak.

· Salt foods after they are browned, and use spices at the end of frying.

Steaks are turned over not with spatulas, but with tongs.

· To get a tender piece of meat, put a little butter on it.

· During cooking, do not pierce the steaks to check the doneness.

How to fry chicken on a grill pan:

fillets, wings and drumsticks are cooked on low heat for a long time

To get a golden crust, you can briefly increase the heat, and then reduce it

Do not pierce the chicken, otherwise the meat will turn out dry and not juicy.

· Use tongs instead of spatulas and forks to turn food.

How to fry fish on a grill pan:

Chef’s lean fish drizzled with wine, olive oil or marinade

when frying a whole carcass, make a couple of cuts near the head and tail

· often flips the fish with tongs.

How to roast vegetables on a grill pan:

fry only vegetables that are cooked at the same temperature at the same time

grilled vegetables do not need a large portion of oil

cut into equal pieces and dry to avoid excess juice.

What material to buy a grill pan

Cast aluminum grill pan — advantages and features
Cast aluminum cookware guarantees fast and even heating. The main feature is a stone non-stick coating that allows you to fry with a minimum addition of oil. Vegetables and chicken do not stick to the bottom, they easily leave the pan. Cleaning such a product is a pleasure. The high walls minimize splashing, and the grilled ribs leave a distinctive pattern on the food.

What are the benefits of an aluminum grill pan?

· Heats up quickly, saving you time. You do not have to stomp around the stove for a long time, waiting for the dishes to heat up.

· Most cast aluminum grill pans can be washed in the dishwasher, which makes life much easier for every housewife.

Can be soaked in water without fear of rust. This cookware is not afraid of prolonged exposure to moisture, unlike cast iron.

· Best for cooking steaks and grilled vegetables at moderate temperatures.

· Compared to cast iron, it weighs much less, making it easier to handle in the kitchen.

Cast iron grill pan — advantages and features

The cast iron grill pan distributes the body well and holds it in the best way so that you can fry and stew at high temperatures. Suitable not only for frying meat, but also for stewing and baking various dishes. Great for cooking on the stovetop or in the oven.

What are the benefits of a cast iron grill pan?

· 100% safe composition. These pans do not have a non-stick coating that can contain chemicals. The perfect dish for fans of a healthy diet.

· Durability. Cast iron grill pans are the strongest and most durable. They not only cook meat and vegetables with high quality, but also last longer than aluminum cookware. The reason for the long life is a solid massive construction that does not deform under the influence of strong heat. There is also no non-stick layer that can damage the pan.

· Eliminates food sticking. Cast iron grill pans have a natural non-stick coating. To create a non-stick layer on the surface of cast iron cookware, you need to apply a thin layer of oil and send it to the oven for a couple of hours. Food will not stick and can be cooked with less oil. The longer a cast iron skillet is used, the better its non-stick properties.

Increases the level of iron in the body. When a cast iron skillet cooks sour foods, it saturates them with iron. The best cookware for people with iron deficiency. However, it is contraindicated in people who have an excess of this trace element. Regular cooking on a cast iron grill pan can increase iron levels in the body by 20 times.

· Cooking in the oven. Cast iron can be safely put in the oven at a high temperature. Dishes are obtained as from a Russian oven.

How to wash and clean a grill pan

There are just a few rules here. Do not use sharp objects to avoid damaging the non-stick coating and do not wash the hot surface. Cookware with a non-stick coating should cool down, after which it is enough to wipe it with a foam rubber sponge. Cast iron cookware is washed, then wiped dry with a towel and only then sent to the storage box.


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