One cup of coffee, and how many actions are in front of it?

Coffee beans are grown by farmers on special plantations around the world, harvested on time, dried and processed. They move and fall asleep in bags, reach ports by sea and distribute to industries.

One espresso — 40 beans?

How many coffee beans do you need to make espresso?
There are two ways to check:
  • Stand near the coffee machine and try to calculate the grinding beans
  • Calculate how many grams of coffee you need for this drink
For example, a standard cup of strong espresso contains 7 to 10 grams of coffee and about 30 ml. water.
From 1 kilogram of coffee you get about 100 cups of a strong and invigorating drink.
On average, one roasted Arabica bean weighs about 0.2 — 0.3 grams. It turns out that for one confident portion of espresso you will need 40-50 coffee beans.
If you brew coffee in a Turk, the consumption also depends on the chosen strength. Strong coffee lovers use more grams of coffee than when preparing a drink in a coffee machine, because the human hand itself knows neither economy nor grams.
Of course, this math is individual.
It depends on the degree of grinding, coffee machine settings, taste preferences or the design of teaspoons in the kitchen. Even small changes in the strength of the drink can have a big impact on these numbers.
Therefore, our advice to you is — do not hesitate to grind coffee to your heart’s content!


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