No matter how perfect the shade of the blond turns out to be and no matter how talented your master is, the blond has one minus — it is quickly washed out, and unwanted pigment can come in its place. If you do not know a few secrets. To maintain a beautiful color for a long time, it is important to take care of it before, after and during the bleaching procedure. We talk about the best-selling products that are chosen by world colorists and their clients.

1. Collection BLONDE RECONSTRUCTOR Professional Kit & Home Care Kit

The BLONDE RECONSTRUCTOR collection was created to solve the problems of hair breakage, porosity, the aggressive effects of thermal devices, helps to preserve the color of dyed hair, guarantees maximum restoration of severely damaged hair and absolute protection during bleaching. After a course of procedures, toning lasts longer. The uniqueness of the BLONDE RECONSTRUCTOR line lies in the PEARL SHIELD technology (PEARL SHIELD).

The composition of the series is based on components of natural origin, each product has a biodegradable packaging, cosmetics are not tested on animals, and environmentally friendly production does not harm the environment.

Professional Blonde Reconstructor Kit Professional Kitdesigned to solve three important tasks at once:

PRE-BLONDE: preparing hair for bleaching. Amino acids replenish the missing proteins in the damaged areas of the hair, strengthening the hair structure

BLONDE SERVICE: works in the bleaching process. Pearl proteins gradually release Octil Restore molecules, which surround the protein chains, forming a kind of «shield». It protects the hair structure from the negative effects of bleaching, while not preventing the destruction of melanin pigments.

POST-BLONDE: after bleaching. PEARL SHIELD technology strengthens the protein bonds within the hair and creates a strong shell around it. This contributes to the complete preservation of the integrity of the structure of the hairline, as well as the maximum retention of moisture inside the hair.

The professional set includes 5 products:

1. CLARIFYING SHAMPOO Clarifying shampoo pH 4.5 — 5.5

Volume: 1 L.High Tech Green: Sequestering Polymer + Essential Amino Acids +Pearl Protein.Low pH purifying shampoo removes heavy metals and minerals.Prevents unwanted reactions during the bleaching process and improves nutrient absorption in the next steps of the procedure

2.FIBER FILLERProtein mask pH 4.5 — 5.5

Volume: 1 L.High Tech Green: Low molecular weight proteins + Pearl protein. A mask with low pH and low molecular weight proteins restores the inner fiber of the hair at the level of the cortex. Increases hair’s resistance to breakage and other damage.

3. pH-REBALANCINGBalancing mask pH 2.2 — 3.0

Volume: 1 L.High Tech Green: lipids + essential amino acids + pearl protein. A balancing mask with pearl proteins and lipids restores the pH of bleached hair, reduces porosity and deeply seals the cuticle, leaving hair dense and ultra-shiny.

4. BLONDELOCK Blonde protection

Volume: 200 ML.

High Tech Green: Adhesive Protein + Pearl Protein.Adhesive protein and UV filter treatment prevents fading of color-treated hair and greening caused by swimming. Reduces porosity, locks in moisture, seals split ends, makes hair manageable and resistant to frizz.

5. BLEACH SERVICE | UNBROKEN BLONDE Discoloration Protection

Volume: 1L. Long Lasting Release Technology: Cyclodextrin + OCTIL Restore. A new protection mechanism acts as a protein shield throughout the bleaching process to prevent breakage and keep hair intact. Provides more than 70% protection against damage during bleaching!


Home line products will help restore the quality of hair that has been badly damaged after bleaching and create a multi-stage care system. The unique compositions of the products smooth the hair cuticle, creating a reliable and shiny protection. Well-groomed and healthy hair even after dyeing is no longer a fantasy

The home care line was created to replenish amino acids that are naturally lost due to negative environmental influences: UV radiation, exposure to thermal appliances, etc.⠀The home kit includes:

one. BlondeKeeper Shampoo 250 ml The shampoo gently cleanses without damaging the hair. Suitable for regular home use. The shampoo prevents the color of dyed hair from washing out.⠀2. Reconstructive Mask 200 ml – a mask with a low pH and low molecular weight proteins restores the inner hair fiber at the level of the cortex, increases the resistance of hair to brittleness and other damage. Returns natural, healthy shine to hair.⠀3. Acidic Mask 200 ml — Acid mask enriched with proteins and lipids restores the pH of bleached hair, reduces porosity and deeply seals the cuticle, making hair dense, ultra-shiny and resistant to external factors.⠀four. BlondeLock 200ml — treatment with adhesive protein and UV filter prevents color washout and green appearance caused by swimming. Reduces porosity, locks in moisture, seals split ends, makes hair manageable and resistant to frizz.

Line BLONDE RECONSTRUCTOR Suitable not only for blondes. It is designed for all severely damaged hair that needs intensive care.

Home and professional kits are presented in branded minimalist packaging, so they are often purchased as a gift. It will definitely be appreciated by those who care about the quality of their hair and trust the beauty of proven products that guarantee results.


BLONDE IDEA is a tinting mask with an intense violet-blue pigment, an ultra-moisturizing product that not only instantly restores saturation to shades and tones bleached hair, but also perfectly moisturizes and softens the structure of the hairline.⠀ FIBERCELL technology — combines a high concentration of purple pigment and unique technology «HIGH TECH GREEN», correcting color shades and eliminating the porosity of the cuticle layer.Creating an intense cool shade now takes several minutes

The duration of the toning effect depends on the porosity of the cuticle layer and on hair care at home. On average, the effect after the first application lasts from 2 to 5 hair washing procedures. Has cumulative properties

Save the desired shadeblondand together?

Be beautiful to the ends of your hair!

With love, the CADIVEU RUSSIA team are the official distributors of the CADIVEU premium brand in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.


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