Eye area one of the most sensitive parts of the face. Here the skin is the thinnest and least protected by fatty layers. Therefore, it suffers greatly from environmental influences, and age-related changes appear most quickly around the eyes. Wrinkles appear, the skin dries and becomes thinner, loses its elasticity and density.

Caring cream for this area allows you to restore the natural beauty and remove the first signs of age.

Suitable for the care of the area around the eyes for any type of facial skin for men and women over 20 years old. Provides anti-aging and hydration.

What components are included:

The main components of the tool are:


The component evens out skin tone, eliminating the appearance of fine wrinkles. It also nourishes the weakened surface, gives the face a natural shine, and fights dullness that has appeared. Returns elasticity and density, which contributes to smoothing the relief.


It is the main component of the cell membrane. Promotes the renewal of the phospholipid structure of damaged cells, thanks to which the protective function of the skin is restored. Additionally, it has antioxidant properties and regulates the appearance of new cells. Lecithin is a conductor, delivering nutrients and vitamins to cells. Therefore, the area around the eyes is delicately moisturized, restoring youth and freshness.

If you notice the first signs of weakening, dullness and fatigue in the area around the eyes, and the reflection in the mirror is no longer pleasing, pay attention to the anti-aging products presented on the website of the ART & FACT cosmetics brand. The brand offers modern products that successfully cope with a variety of cosmetic problems.


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