Choosing a kitchen towel is not an easy task. After all, it should be not only beautiful, but also practical: absorb moisture well, dry quickly and not be afraid of numerous washes.

How to choose the perfect towel for the kitchen and not make a mistake?

What should you pay attention to first?

  • The fabric from which the towel is made. It’s the most important. If you ignore the composition of the material, then instead of a towel for a pleasant cleaning, you can get a useless piece of cloth.
  • The size. The kitchen towel should not be very large or, conversely, small. The best sizes for the kitchen are 40 * 60 and 50 * 70 centimeters.
  • Appearance. The towel should be beautiful, fit into the interior of the kitchen and add comfort to it.

In the article we will pay attention to the most important selection criterion — the material. Most often in stores you can find kitchen towels made of microfiber, linen and cotton. Let’s discuss these materials and find out what their pros and cons are.

Let’s talk microfiber

This is an artificial material, the fibers of which are 100 times thinner than a human hair.

Microfiber towels quickly became popular due to their bright colors, pleasant texture and lightness. Microfiber has both its fans and ardent opponents who prefer to use only natural fabrics in the kitchen.

Pros of microfiber towels:

  • Bright colors — synthetic fiber is easily dyed;
  • Quickly and well absorb moisture. When rubbed, it is easily drawn into the micropores in the fibers;
  • They don’t shed and don’t wrinkle. Like all synthetic fabrics, microfiber holds its shape well.

What about natural fabrics like linen?

Linen towels are a classic. Decorated with hand embroidery, they were loved even in the times of Ancient Russia. But even now flax is popular.

Advantages of linen towels:

  • Completely natural composition. Very eco friendly!
  • They absorb moisture well. The fibers of the fabric do not fit too tightly together, which allows water to linger between them;
  • Easily wash off dirt. Linen perfectly tolerates washing at high temperatures using detergents;
  • Long serve. Linen fibers are dense and tight, which prolongs the life of the towel.

Let’s move on to the most popular material — cotton.

This is a natural, inexpensive and practical fabric in every sense, which is ideal for the kitchen. In addition, cotton towels are made in various colors and textures — you will definitely choose the right one for your kitchen.

Pros of cotton towels:

  • Variety of colors. Cotton fibers are thin and easily dyed, moreover, they hardly shed;
  • They absorb moisture well and dry quickly. Water quickly penetrates between the threads and evaporates just as quickly;
  • Easily tolerate constant washing and are durable. Yes, natural cotton has good strength;
  • Low price. After all, cotton is very popular — it is grown in large volumes, which reduces the cost.

So what material to choose a towel from?

There is no ideal option, because each hostess selects towels individually, taking into account her needs and all the pros and cons of fabrics.

Microfiber is good for cleaning up spilled water. Linen towels look stylish and pleasant to dry your hands with, while cotton towels dry quickly and are cheaper than all other options.

Now you know exactly how to choose the right kitchen towel! And it will serve you for a long time, coping with its tasks by 100%.


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