When choosing a model, pay attention to the following points.

The backpack can be sewn from different fabrics. Plain dense fabric will provide a reliable frame. And the fabric of double diagonal weaving, from which slings-scarves are sewn, will give not only strength, but also “embracing”. It «springs» and stretches in such a way as to «hug» the baby as much as possible, create the correct support for the pelvis and spine and evenly distribute the load on mother’s shoulders. In such a carrier, it is easy and comfortable to carry a child, and most importantly, it is safe, because he is in a physiologically correct position.

An ergonomic backpack should have comfortable, wide shoulder straps. Some manufacturers put foam rubber inside, but this is not always comfortable, for example, under a sling jacket, when they can give unnecessary volume to the shoulders. Wide straps made of scarf fabric will gently but securely fix the baby and will not cut into the mother’s shoulders.

The backpack should have a wide and tight belt that does not cut into the hips. This will reduce the load on your back and allow you to carry your baby for a long time without fatigue and pain.

The backpack is put on and fastened in a matter of seconds. This means that you do not have to master the science of different windings, as is the case with a sling scarf. In any place and in any situation, it is enough to seat the baby and make a couple of clicks with fastex fasteners. See how it works in the tutorial video. Be sure to pay attention to the quality of the fittings: they must be made of hard, strong and smooth plastic.

M-position depends on the size
Ergoryukzak — perhaps the most lifting transportation. In it, you can safely carry a baby from 4-6 months to 3-4 years. The correct position of the baby in any sling is the so-called M-position, in which the legs are widely separated to the sides, and the knees are slightly higher than the priests. In this position, support goes from knee to knee. Conventional backpacks can’t provide this much support, so there’s an opinion that they’re best used when your child can sit up. An exception is an ergo backpack made of scarf fabric of a size suitable for age. For example, we can choose the size for both toddlers and the smallest children from 4 months. There is a line of growing ergo backpacks — they are suitable for both toddlers and children up to 3 years old.

Fabric structure
Backpacks, as well as scarves, can be made from fabrics of different compositions. It is generally accepted that cotton is universal. And for the hot season, bamboo or fabrics with linen are often recommended. When it comes to ergo backpacks, there are a few things to keep in mind: not every sling fabric is suitable for an ergo backpack. A priori, it is less hot in an ergo backpack than in a scarf, simply because of the design features. After trying hundreds of slings in production, we began to produce our own fabric, which is optimally suited for ergo backpacks and at the same time is a sling. We have both a universal combination of cotton and bamboo, as well as delicate premium-class models with wool and silk. Wool and silk Karaush performed well in tests for the strength of the seams, unlike many sling scarves from other manufacturers. The choice is only for mom.

The presence of a hood that can be tightened more tightly if the child is asleep, or, conversely, lowered, is an undoubted plus of any backpack.

Ergo backpacks come in a variety of colors and can even be reversible. Think about what color you like best and will go best with your clothes. Fortunately, for the sake of the convenience of the child, you do not have to sacrifice beauty.

With all the richness of choice, choose wisely. Think about the situations in which you plan to use it and what points are important to you. Sometimes, this requires looking at all the models and seeing the use in action!

Look at the site and dream up, mentally trying on this or that model. An ergonomic backpack is not just a carrier, but a part of your image with your baby!

Happy viewing and good luck! We are nearby, chatting, always online. If anything — write!


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