So, the decision was made — there should be a bar counter in the kitchen! But what about bar stools? There is something to think about, material, texture, color, what else?

Something is not right here, or rather, there is a nuance.

High bar stools ilwi for high bar counters

What’s wrong?

The most popular mistake when choosing a bar stool is the wrong height in relation to the height of the bar counter. Not pleasant when ordered bar stools were too high or too low. It would seem that the name of the chair indicates that it is “bar” and you can stop there, but something else can go wrong.

Let’s figure it out. Bar counters and stools do not have generally accepted height standards. As practice shows, the bar counter is often made individually, and its dimensions, including height, can be different.

For example, a fairly common case is a rack is a separate element and has a height of 100 to 120 cm, or a rack can be a continuation of a kitchen set with a height of 85-95 cm.

Accordingly, for each of these options you will need bar stools of different heights. So, the first thing we need to decide is to find out the height of the bar counter.

bar stool height

But calmly, now everything is quite simple, we will apply one simple rule — the seat of the chair should be 30-40 cm below the tabletop. In this case, the distance will be enough for the knees to calmly fit under the tabletop of the rack, while the elbows will be comfortable on the tabletop.

For example, we have a stand with a height of 95 cm — chairs with a seat height of 63-66 cm will work well with it.

Semi-bar chairs ilwi (64cm) for tabletop height 90-95cm

Types of bar stools

Everything here is also quite simple.

Semi-bar chairs with a height of 60-65 cm are perfect for a 90-100 cm counter, which is often an extension of the kitchen worktop. Among other things, these chairs will be comfortable for both adults and children.

Classic bar stools with a height of 70 — 80 cm are suitable for high bar counters and bar areas. Pay attention to the presence or absence of a footrest. When sitting on a high chair, it is not so easy to reach the floor with your feet, and in the absence of support in the design of the bar counter and bar stool, you may not be comfortable without foot support.

High bar stools ilwi (75cm) for high bar counters

Do not forget that many have a different body structure, height and habits, for maximum comfort it is worth considering. For those who like to sit cross-legged, it is worth leaving a little more space between the seat of the chair and the counter top. You can check your comfortable sitting distance as you are comfortable in a regular chair at the dining table.

So we figured out the height, it seems that everything is so!

Good luck with your choice and pleasant gatherings in the kitchen.


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