Does your child have terrible handwriting? It’s too early to despair! The formation of handwriting takes place throughout elementary school. Even after mastering written letters for another 2-3 years, students continue to consolidate their writing skills — every day a school teacher spends minutes of calligraphy with them.

But schoolwork is not enough, and tutors will help solve this problem … or very good copybooks! How to find really good recipes, what to look for?

1. Before buying copybooks, carefully look at what connections are there between the letters, especially after the letters “o” and “c”.

To increase the speed of writing, after these letters, not only lower, but also upper connections are provided. If the text of the cursives was simply typed into a computer program, in all cases there may be lower connections, which is methodologically incorrect.

It is convenient to write to a computer, but inconvenient for a person.

Or the connections may be technically correct, but the computer program will leave the letters themselves unchanged in all cases, and this may cause unnatural bends in the lines.

When writing, a person smoothes lines, so the same letter (for example, “e” or “v”) looks different for him, depending on which connection comes before it.

In this regard, our prescriptions are unique, they take into account all these nuances, and all the connections are prescribed in the way that is natural for a person — this painstaking work had to be done manually.

2. When choosing copybooks, you should pay attention to their volume, and not only to the number of pages, but also to how much space is eaten up by drawings, puzzles and riddles, and how much is left directly to calligraphy exercises. Our copybooks are entirely devoted only to calligraphy, as it was in the classical Russian school.

3. Look at the quality and thickness of the paper. When developing handwriting, experts do not recommend using a ballpoint pen, since it requires constant pressure, i.e. prolonged muscle tension, which eventually blocks the free movement of the hand and has a bad effect on handwriting.

When developing handwriting, that is, at the initial stage, it is more expedient to use a fountain (ink) pen, which does not require pressure. But if the copybooks are made of thin paper, writing with a fountain pen will not work in them — the ink will appear on the back of the sheet.

Creating copybooks, we took care of the development of literacy. As the text in our recipes, only dictionary words of the Russian language are used, the spelling of which cannot be checked, and which students are supposed to simply remember. Spelling these words is the best way to help memorization.

Our recipes give a wonderful result after just a few sessions, but do not flatter yourself with quick success. As the saying goes, «easy come, easy go». The acquired skills need to be consolidated for a long time so that they become exactly skills, and for this it is necessary to write down the entire prescription.

Buy our copybooks and be sure to tell us in the comments after how many days you noticed a clear improvement in handwriting in your child.


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