Summer has fully come into its own. Finally, you can change coats and jackets for lighter clothes. Underwear is a very important element of the summer look. He should be given special attention. What should I pay attention to when choosing summer panties?

The composition is what you need to know when choosing summer panties. Cotton is always a priority. Natural material, well absorbs moisture, «breathes» on the skin. Panties made of synthetic materials, on the contrary, can negatively affect the condition of your skin.

Did you know that experts advise to abandon thongs on hot days?

Constricting models should be avoided, preferring comfortable underwear. After all, everyone wants to move freely when playing sports, on a summer walk, at sea or on vacation. Rubbing or squeezing underpants will only interfere.

What else distinguishes the summer wardrobe?

Very thin fabrics, sometimes without a single seam! This is a special category of underwear. Seamless panties will be invisible and, unlike lace, they can be worn under any outfit. Because of the tight fit, even the tightest dress will not show through.

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