Even such a simple form of transport as a scooter is surrounded by horror stories. Parents have to think carefully, is it worth buying a scooter and how not to make a mistake with the choice?

Myths about the dangers of scooters

Myth #1. Riding a scooter can lead to pelvic deformity and, subsequently, to scoliosis. If such a feature is diagnosed by a specialist, then the violation appeared long before the child was put on a scooter. As for scoliosis, it is a very serious disease that is not diagnosed at an early age. Perhaps the authors of this statement had in mind the curvature of posture, but riding a scooter to achieve the mentioned effect is unrealistic.

Myth #2. Due to the different load on the left and right leg while riding, after several seasons, one leg may even become shorter. However, a person’s legs grow absolutely identical. An exception may be an injury if the damage occurred in the growth zone of the bone tissue.

Myth #3. Riding a scooter can cause osteoarthritis in a child. But this disease is the lot of adults. Children can suffer from arthritis, more often rheumatoid. The causes of this disease can be injuries and inflammatory processes, but not the passion for riding a scooter.

Myth #4. Riding a scooter leads to increased wear on the spine. Doctors — orthopedists refute this statement. They explain that increased wear and tear of the spine can occur in case of prolonged heavy physical labor, constant vertical load. In children, this cannot be due to age characteristics. Their bones, cartilage joints and joints are very flexible and filled with moisture.

Why you should teach your child to ride a scooter

When a child rides a scooter, almost all major muscle groups work for him: the caviar muscle and thigh muscle, buttocks, back muscles and abs. In addition, coordination and the vestibular apparatus develop. The child learns to control his body. Given that the scooter is a street mode of transport, the respiratory system is actively trained during its use, the body is saturated with oxygen, and all internal processes are activated.

What to look for when choosing your first scooter

For children aged two years and older, a three-wheeled scooter is an excellent option. Scooters of this design are stable, it is more difficult to gain high speed on them, which will allow parents to always be nearby and control the baby. Usually such models are made of plastic, which reduces the weight of the product.

Steering wheel must be height adjustable. To get the right handlebar height, ask your child to bend the handles at the elbows at an angle of 90 degrees and measure the distance from the floor to the elbow. Select the height of the steering wheel, focusing on these measurements with the ability to adjust plus or minus 10 centimeters. The optimal location of the child’s hands is at the level of the solar plexus. Keep in mind, the higher the steering wheel, the more difficult it is to control the scooter. The child should not lean on the steering wheel or deviate strongly back.

Deca Should be wide enough to fit both baby’s feet. The surface is most often made of plastic, covered with patterns or a special material with a rough surface for better adhesion to the soles of the shoes.

wheels can be made of various materials: plastic, rubber, polyurethane. Plastic ones are lightweight, rubber ones are not as noisy, polyurethane ones will last the longest. Children’s models of scooters are not equipped with bearings, which makes it impossible to gain high speed and lose control.

Consider it when choosing a scooter load capacity. Usually, this information is on the packaging.

Pay attention to availability and device brakes. On children’s scooters, it is made in the form of a small wing above the rear wheel. Models of scooters without a brake are not recommended. If you decide to choose a scooter with a handbrake, be sure to check whether the baby reaches the brake handle and whether he has enough strength to press it.

If you are ready to buy the first scooter for your kid, be sure to pay attention to the S + S TOYS scooter, which is presented in the WILDBERRIES online store. It combines all the advantages that we talked about in the article. Height-adjustable handle, three wheels for stability, foldable design, brakes, light product weight, only 1.46 kg. And at the same time, the maximum load is up to 40 kg. The future owner will be able to evaluate it right at the point of issue of orders!


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