It is difficult to imagine a modern kitchen without a meat grinder, because the times when this device was used only for minced meat have already passed. However, the DaukenFW2000 will successfully cope with this simple task, as well as with many others!


The DaukenFW2000 meat grinder is made of metal both outside and inside, which guarantees a long service life. High build quality, including a reinforced hexagonal section and a screw anti-vibration mount, will protect the meat grinder from joint wear and play. In addition, reinforced fastening securely secures the neck and reduces wear on the DaukenFW2000.


DaukenFW2000 is a powerful meat grinder that will help you process 2.5 kg of meat and other products per minute in just a minute. This meat grinder will quickly cope with both hard cartilage and soft chicken and fish fillets.


DaukenFW2000 is equipped with a reverse system with protection against accidental activation, thanks to which you can easily remove a foreign object from the meat grinder. In addition, the DaukenFW2000 boasts triple motor protection against overload and overheating, which will definitely extend the service life.


The DaukenFW2000 has 3 mince grates to choose from: minced meat, 4mm medium for chicken and fish, and 7mm coarse for beef. In addition, the DaukenFW2000 package includes attachments for minced meat, sausages and kebbe. You will be able to please yourself and your loved ones with delicious cutlets, excellent pate and various pastries with meat.


The neck attachment with anti-vibration screw helps to reduce vibration regardless of the type of meat and prolong the life of the DaukenFW2000. In addition, this meat grinder is convenient and easy to clean after use, because thanks to the matte surface there will be no streaks left.


The sleek metal body not only ensures durability, but also allows the DaukenFW2000 to blend into any kitchen with its thoughtful design. It is this model that is unique due to the extended loading and outlet mouth, which guarantees high performance.

Premium manufacturer

Dauken is a Russian premium company with a small assortment, which guarantees a competent service aimed specifically at Russian citizens, as well as a responsible attitude both to the production of equipment and to interaction with customers. All production complies with high international standards.

Dauken FW2000 — premium meat grinder

which will definitely facilitate your cooking and support any culinary initiative. And thanks to high-quality reliable assembly DaukenFW2000 will please you for a very long time!

The company also offers other models that are suitable for any user and for any need. For example, in the J series, you can make juice and replace the grater, and V can chop vegetables or grate cheese


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