Very often, parents have to face the problem when the child does not hear them either the first time or the fifth.

And what’s going on? Naturally, we begin to get angry and annoyed, and then we can completely lose self-control. And of course this is wrong. You need to understand that communication with a child through a cry is not welcome, because. according to psychologists, this leads to the formation of low self-esteem and the development of complexes in the future.

So, let’s analyze a few rules for communicating with a child so that he finally hears you the first time.

communication with a child

1. We take an example from children and establish eye contact, switch his attention to himself. Have you noticed when a child really, really needs something from you, does he come up and try to attract attention to himself? Make sure that the child really hears you, and is not busy with something more interesting.

2. Talk to your child in a language he understands. The simpler you can express your thoughts, the better. It is better to exclude abstract vocabulary, because chances are high that the child will not understand you.

3. Be aware of the consequences. To teach a child to hear the first time, it is necessary that he understands what awaits him if you ignore your appeal to him. For example, «If you don’t put your toys away, you won’t play with them.» Motivate the child to action, but in no case blackmail.

In order for these rules to help in practice, it is necessary to back up your words with actions, and also do not forget to show by your own example how to respond to the child’s appeals. Otherwise, in the future, the child simply will not believe your words, and will not hear again.

We wish you success and patience! 🙂


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