Flexible neon is a flexible tube made of durable and transparent polyvinyl chloride, inside of which LEDs are located. The holistic and uniform glow of the neon strip allows it to be used for a wide variety of decorative purposes. Many color solutions and ease of installation are not the only characteristics that make flexible (also called cold) neon popular.

It is necessary to mount flexible neon with skill! Please follow the instructions and be careful.

First, make sure that you have all the elements of the system. We need:

— Flexible neon 12V/ Flexible neon 220V;
— Power cord for connecting flexible neon;
— Needle for flexible neon;
— Plug;
— Power Supply.


Ultra-thin flexible neon is connected by soldering to the contact group of the LED strip. Make sure you have a soldering iron.

How to connect flexible neon

Step 1. We insert a contact needle with sharp edges into flexible neon — into current-carrying wires.

Step 2. Insert the needle with blunt edges into the power cord connector.

Step 3 We put a cap on the back of the tape.

Step 4. Flexible neon 220V is powered through a power cord with a diode bridge.


When connecting the power supply, strictly observe the polarity of the connection!

Unlike LED strip, neon can be cut into pieces of any length, which essentially gives it functionality. The contacts are soldered with an ordinary soldering iron, then the cut off piece with soldered wires is connected to the inverter. Neon is cut along a specially marked line on the tape. (see the scissors sign on the tape).


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