When we wake up, we usually go straight to the bathroom. Washing helps to put yourself in order and wake up properly. Consider your bathroom. Boxes of powders, conditioners, combs, cosmetics, a bunch of bottles of shampoos, gels, conditioners, and so on. It is simply impossible to sort out a room three by three meters with so many things.

Organization of space in the bathroom is a necessity, not a whim. But to do it with taste is a really important goal, which is worth achieving for your own comfort and aesthetic pleasure.

Do you think it takes a lot of money and time? Now we will tell you how you can do it yourself and at minimal cost!

Where to begin?

  • Go through all the chemistry. It is necessary to select those detergents that you do not use. The storage of such chemicals clutters up the already loaded shelves in the bathroom. Make room for something really useful.
  • Deal with makeup. Dear ladies, have pity on your skin and body! Do not use expired cosmetics. This can harm your health. The 2017 mascara goes into the trash and is forgotten like a bad dream.
  • Upgrade your furniture, and that doesn’t always mean buying a new one. It is enough to thoroughly wash the old one, and if desired, even paint it.
  • Arrange a change. This way you can give the bathroom a new look and see what shelves and items are missing. The main thing is not to make a mistake with the choice of the very ideal shelf.
  • Choose new bathroom accessories. This applies not only to toothbrushes, washcloths and towels. Take a close look at your old rusted shelving unit.

How to choose a shelf with a good price/quality ratio?

  • The shelf in the bathroom should be easy to use. Closed shelves in the bathroom will not work. It is extremely inconvenient to get the desired item by opening / closing the door. In addition, closed shelves will accumulate moisture, and this increases the likelihood of the development of dangerous bacteria.
  • The shelf should be easily and firmly attached to the surface of the tile. The best option would be a shelf with adhesive fastening, since drilling extra holes in a bathroom tile means spoiling its appearance and surface quality. The adhesive base should be firmly fixed on the wall and not react to changes in temperature and humidity.
  • The shelf should have a wide functionality for storing bathroom accessories. An ideal combination would be a combination of shelves for large jars (such as shampoos and shower gels), storage space for dental supplies, a compartment for storing soap, hooks for washcloths and a towel rack. With this functionality, you will save 30% of the surfaces in the bathroom.
  • The shelf should be mobile and versatile for any interior. Good bath organizers last a very long time, so when renovating, you should focus on the versatility of the shelf: at any time you can update the bathroom, and the shelf will still look good in a new interior.

When choosing a shelf for the bathroom, you must be sure of its quality and convenience. The OQQI store presents a truly successful shelf, suitable for all points at once. Tired of chaos in the bathroom? Choose real comfort and beauty at a nice price!


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