How to enhance the effect of any face cream or serum several times.

Everything is simple! In order for the face cream to work more effectively, it is necessary to clean the surface of the skin from the dead stratum corneum of cells, which, like a shield, do not allow the actives of cosmetics to penetrate. And it is important that the cleansing cream is effective and safe, always with valuable AHA, BHA acids and real retinol. The Korean Detox AHA BHA Acids Illumination BLOOMING CELL / SEOLREIM COSMETIC has all these properties.

Korean cosmetics have long gained popularity all over the world due to their high quality and effectiveness.

And Korean professional cosmetics SEOLREIM COSMETIC, which can be used for home care, deserves special attention. After all, cosmetologists choose the most effective and safe Korean cosmetics.

BLOOMING CELL ILLUMINATION facial peeling massage cream contains gentle mannitol microspheres that melt on the skin and delicately exfoliate dead skin cells without disturbing the hydrolipid mantle. During light massage movements, keratinized scales and impurities from the pores roll off, cleansing the skin and providing it with a good preparation for further care. The actives of any face cream or serum will be much more effective after this massage cleansing cream. The skin will get a good breath.

Cleansing face cream BLOOMING CELL with acids: glycolic, folic, ascorbic, salicylic, linoleic is a real salvation for quick skin renewal.

Valuable AHA and BHA acids in BLOOMING CELL cleansing facial massage cream provide good peeling and detox.

Fruit AHA acids actively exfoliate the dead layer of cells from the surface of the skin, weaken the bond between the scales of the stratum corneum, making subsequent care much more effective. Valuable assets do not remain on the surface, only moisturizing dead cells, but penetrate deep into and provide an active effect. Glycolic AHA in a cleansing massage cream SEOLREIM COSMETIC suitable for skin care of any type and age, even for young ones. At the same time, it is an effective antiage remedy.

Salicylic BHA — acid penetrates into the pores, cleaning them from the inside, making them invisible, preventing acne and any rashes on the skin. Salicylic acid also fights wrinkles and unwanted pigmentation.

Folic acid (vitamin B9)which is part of the SEOLREIM COSMETIC massage cleansing cream, restores skin immunity, stimulates cell renewal, evens and refreshes skin tone, relieves inflammation, provides antioxidant protection, removes toxins, and prepares the skin for the best supply of nutrients.

Linoleic acid, which is part of the SEOLREIM COSMETIC massage cleansing cream, is a polyunsaturated essential fatty acid, one of the Omega-6 acids. This is a lipid of cell membranes that protects the skin from aging and the destructive effects of the external environment.

Vitamin C (Vitamin C) — strengthens capillaries; stimulates the production of its own collagen, increasing skin elasticity; normalizes the production of melanin, protecting against age spots.

BLOOMING CELL cream contains real retinol — one of the most effective assets of anti-aging cosmetics. It is real retinol, and not its esters, that is able to act on the receptors in our skin that are sensitive to retinoic acid (RAR receptors), which leads to a gradual rejuvenation of the skin and the reduction of wrinkles.

The unique development of the Korean doctor Soleim in skin rejuvenation BLOOMING CELL Also called «Upgraded Baby Injection». Simply because it provides clean and supple skin like baby skin. The secret behind the popularity of Korean Blooming Cell Face Massage Cream, as the name suggests, lies in the regeneration of skin cells. It has a natural and lasting effect on improving the condition of the skin.

Lecithin restores the barrier functions of the skin, makes the skin silky and supple as part of the facial massage cream Seolreim COSMETIC.

Complex of vitamins and glutathione — a real beauty cocktail, provides powerful antioxidant protection against free radicals, one of the main causes of premature skin aging.

Hydrolyzed Collagen provides ultra hydration and fights wrinkles.

rice bran extract strengthens micro capillaries and provides anti-couperose effect.

Seolreim COSMETIC facial massage cream gives a good glide for a time sufficient for both professional facial massage and home facial massage.

Korean peeling facial cream SEOLREIM COSMETIC removes toxins, toxins, relieves inflammation. Korean facial massage cream gives the skin perfect smoothness and elasticity.

Cleansing the skin and narrowing the pores, reducing wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity, evening out skin tone, maintaining healthy skin tone, glossy radiance — you can see the effect of incredible skin improvement after applying BLOOMING CELL ILLUMINATION massage cream.

After this cleansing facial massage cream, any of your cream or serum will be much more effective. Massage cream for peeling will give clean skin. Replace a trip to the beautician. Give yourself a salon treatment at home!

How to use the massage cream: apply a cleansing facial peeling cream on the skin of the face, massage for 10-15 minutes, rinse with warm water.


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