Everything is in a fog! You don’t remember what you did, but the board is in a terrible state!😵‍💫

Some didn’t even use it at all! Really, I just bought it! Well, think about it, she lay idle for a month .. the master promised that he would pass on to his grandchildren, but she had already CRACKED !!!

And now stop✋🏻.
🔸️heat, air conditioners, heating season
All this DRYS the wood, the fibers are deformed and as a result — a split.
🔸️ oven, batteries, direct sunlight — also work against us.
At any time of the year, we must take care of the boards. How?

If the board is torn NOT AT THE SEA (the place where the lamellas are glued together) — the matter is in the air, and not in the crooked hands of the master.

Well, if after all, according to the ShVU, then do not rush with accusations!

🔸️ not wiped dry after use, left in the sink with water, or OH HORROR washed in the dishwasher😱!

Yes, friends, it happens!

And if the board was DEFORMED, the cause was excessive moisture inside. How did she get there, any ideas?)

By the way, BLACKED ENDS are mold (from moisture). Admit it, put the board to drain after washing?

ROUGHNESS — the normal state of the tree. But if the pile specifically stood on end, this can be corrected with oil.

We use our boards ourselves, test them in different conditions. But most importantly — do not forget to soak with oil. Not a single crack, no blackness, but a pile, like that of an accommodating cat🐱.

✅ Oil your board well today (before that, do not wet for 12 hours)
✅ If the defects are gone — congratulations!

You can order our planks using the links below or visit our WB page — DashkoWood!


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