In the 21st century, we are closely and firmly connected with different technologies. We spend most of our time on the laptop. But it is important that it be without harm to health.

We conducted a survey that showed: 80% of respondents prefer a laptop to a computer. This is expected! Laptops are now in every home. We work on them, study, play, watch movies, take them with us on vacation.

If you spend half an hour a day on your laptop, then it’s not scary. You can put it on your lap or on the table. But if the time at the laptop is calculated in hours, then this is a reason to seriously think about it. Let’s take a closer look, What should be feared when constantly working on a laptop.

If the laptop is on the table, then our head is constantly tilted down, the back is curved, and after 20 minutes you can feel tension and pain in the neck. Yes, they worked for a short time.

Also, this position gives a lot of strain on the eyes, we involuntarily move too close to the screen (pay attention to the image below).

If you feel similar discomfort when working with a laptop, then you need to change something!


The simplest solution for safe and comfortable work is a laptop stand.

The stand will raise the technique to the optimal level for you, and:

  • Your back straightens;
  • The screen is moved to a safe distance for the eyes;
  • Eyes are already looking at a comfortable angle.

If you have not thought about it before, then there are recommendations.


  1. The monitor should be at arm’s length.
  2. Place the top edge of the screen slightly below eye level.
  3. When working with the keyboard, the elbows of the hands should be bent at an angle of 90 degrees, and relaxed (an external keyboard is suitable for this).

And the stand helps organize it all👌.

If quick fatigue when working for 💻 is relevant for you, be sure to study the issue and think about the equipment of the workspace 🤗.

We hope the information was useful.

And you can find useful laptop stands in our Wildberry store.


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