Coffee is a capricious product, and in order to feel the aromas laid down by the roaster, the storage process needs to be approached more carefully.

Coffee is stored at a temperature of 12 degrees. If the beans have been lying in the cold for a long time, then before pouring them into the coffee machine, we wait until the coffee reaches room temperature.

If you suddenly remembered that you have had coffee for 2 months, then it’s time to use it immediately! It is worth considering that almost all carbon dioxide has already left the coffee, which has lain for 2 months, and has taken with it most of the aromatic and flavoring acids. Such coffee will be easier to brew, not as bright and juicy as freshly roasted.

If the coffee was stored at sub-zero temperatures, the degassing process slows down. After roasting, it will take not 10 days until the coffee is ready for stable preparation, but 13. When you open a new pack of coffee, it is advisable to use it for several days, until the taste changes upon contact with oxygen. In order to preserve the original taste, minimize the contact of grains with oxygen.

Also, immediately after roasting, coffee is unstable for another 1-2 days, and it is undesirable to brew it immediately. It is worth waiting 10 days before the final readiness.


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