To obtain tasty and fragrant pastries, it is recommended to use premium flour. During storage, the product loses its original texture, which makes cooking difficult. To remove excess inclusions and lumps, you can use a sieve mug. This device is always at hand for modern housewives.

What is a sieve mug?

For several decades, housewives used the simplest kitchen appliances. They were replaced by a traditional sieve — a ring-shaped body with a metal grate fixed in it. The design excluded foreign impurities from bulk products, but had one significant drawback: the housewives had to constantly shake the object so that the products did not get stuck in the cells. The flour sieve mug lacked this disadvantage. In appearance, it resembles a familiar container, but has a double bottom and a built-in lever. The mug-shaped sieve takes up less space in the kitchen and helps you sift flour without the need for extra shaking. The device can be made of metal or plastic.

Mug-sieve for flour — device

The design features of the product may differ from each other. Some sieve mugs have a simple design and are a regular glass with a mesh instead of a bottom. Loose components are sieved through it. Other devices are equipped with partitions and divisions inside the container, allowing you to measure the right amount of ingredients. The most complex in design are mugs, the sieve for sifting flour of which is equipped with a built-in mechanism. It simplifies the process of screening bulk mixtures. In the handles of such products there is a trigger that brings the entire mechanism to work. Sieve mugs are inexpensive, but they save space in the closet and sift granulated sugar, flour or salt with great accuracy. The design details have rounded edges, which prevents loose ingredients from getting into hard-to-reach places.

The principle of operation of the mug-sieve

The mechanism of the product is so simple that even a child can master it. The mug-sieve for sifting flour is driven by a lever on the handle, attached with a thick wire to the blades rotating inside the container. When the button is pressed, the spring is stretched and sets the structure in motion. Flour, located between the blades and the mesh, falls under its own weight into a pre-prepared container. When using the product, it will not be necessary to shake the sieve in order to obtain high-quality ingredients. After pressing the lever located on the handle, the necessary portion of the sifted components will be on the table. The procedure is carried out carefully, which avoids unnecessary cleaning in the kitchen and the need to fill up the lost volume of ingredients.


Mug-sieve — a container for sifting flour, powdered sugar, semolina, cocoa and other small bulk products. The mug consists of a body with a double sieve bottom and a handle with a spring inside. Thanks to the lever handle, you can easily sift the flour, then easily clean the product from residues.

Metal mug-sieve

Stainless steel construction is durable and wear resistant. A metal sieve for flour in the form of a mug does not sag.

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