What is oversize

It is a mistake to believe that oversized is any thing that is larger than your size. In fact, the manufacture of such clothes takes place according to a special technology, because you buy a thing in your size, but visually it looks voluminous and baggy. In oversize, your body does not feel tight, there are no traces of elastic bands or tight fabric on the skin. Also, such things give their owners a sense of freedom, a sense of ease and relaxation. The benefits of oversized style can be listed for a long time, but we advise you to just try it for yourself. You can buy such clothes both in branded boutiques and in the mass market. Basic principles for creating outfits with OVERSIZE items.

  • Oversized top. Remember, oversizing should not be much. If you choose a voluminous sweater or sweatshirt, then the image should be completed with a tight-fitting pencil skirt or bike shorts.
  • Oversized bottom. A similar rule applies here. If you are wearing oversized trousers or jeans, then it is better to pick up a tight-fitting top, T-shirt, turtleneck. This will make you look visually taller and slimmer.
  • Oversized shoes. There are no hard limits here. Volumetric sneakers, as well as sandals and shoes with a sharp or square toe, will perfectly complement the image.

Fashionable images with a white wide shirt

How to wear a white loose shirt to stay slim.

With a skirt

This is the easiest way to emphasize the waist. There are two options here: you can fill only one edge of the shirt into the skirt, and leave the other outside; in the most classic way — to fill the edges of the shirt completely. This shirt can be worn with absolutely any skirt, be it a trendy leather skirt or any other trendy skirt of the season.

Like a dress

A long, loose shirt may well replace a dress for you. This option also has many options. It can be worn with or without a belt, combined with a long jacket, fashionable shoes for the summer, and also include trendy accessories in your look: trendy sunglasses with yellow lenses or a matching handbag.

With a trench coat

As we have already said, the trench coat is the most popular outerwear this year. And also, watching the Fashion Week, it became clear that the main trend of the warm season was the multi-tiered clothing. Therefore, to be in fashion, it is enough to choose stylish trousers with slits, a trench coat, suitable accessories and that same loose shirt in white for your look.

With sneakers

This option will be most liked by girls who prefer a relaxed style. A pure white or printed shirt can be worn with white sneakers and cropped trousers or jeans. In such a bow, it will be convenient for you to go for a walk or to meet friends.

With jeans

This is a great option for business meetings and going to work. Instead of boring dress pants, put on straight-cut jeans, complementing them with an oversized white shirt and laconic shoes or boots, as well as a classic bag

With wide trousers

In this version, oversized can be tucked in or worn out. The second option is more common. In order not to inadvertently cut your height, choose shoes with high heels or platform. Oversized shirt + shorts In the summer, an oversized shirt is no less in demand than on cool days. It can easily replace your tops, t-shirts, jacket or cape. In street style, it is worn with denim shorts, linen or cotton models are also suitable. As a base for a shirt, you can choose tank tops, simple T-shirts or a bodice from a swimsuit.

Oversized shirt with top

Liberated bows with an oversized shirt include a topic designed in different variations:

covering the belly or ending under the breast. It is advisable to combine the latter with cylinders that have an oversized fit and a belt gathered with frills;

non-translucent or openwork lace. Regardless of the design, the combination with an airy flying chiffon skirt looks advantageous;

it’s a sin not to play in contrast — a topic for overalls and pumps with stilettos.

With belt

If desired, you can gird an oversized white shirt. You can even do this with a waist bag.

We hope our article helped you understand the fashion trends, and you are about to replenish your wardrobe with one of our oversized shirts from the brand Charisma.


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