Correct proportions give the image harmony and beauty.
What to wear with straight wide trousers so that height is not “lost” and volumes are not added?

1) Cropped top.

Jacket, bomber jacket, T-shirt, waist-length top and above are great companions for loose trousers.
In this image, the waistline remains underlined and no extra volumes are added.

2) Fitted top

Bandeau top, tight-fitting T-shirt, turtleneck, longsleeve in combination with voluminous trousers also perfectly maintain proportions and do not add «excess» to the figure.

Here is an image such as a top and trousers, it would be appropriate to complement an oversized shirt or bomber jacket unbuttoned.

In this form, the free top is absolutely justified, since the waist line remains open and the image will remain elegant.

3) Massive shoes or heels

Sandals, mules, clogs, platform slippers perfectly complement voluminous trousers and maintain proportions.

Of course, another win-win shoe in this look is heeled sandals. Thus, you visually stretch the figure and do not allow wide trousers to «grow»

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