Clean and well-groomed skin is always a guarantee of good mood and self-confidence! That is why, day after day, we take care of the skin of the face, moisturize, tone and nourish in order to achieve maximum results and get rid of existing problems.

Facial skin care can be divided into 3 stages:


· toning

nutrition / hydration

Today we will talk about the middle, intermediate stage — toning. Why is this step important and why not skip it?

it prepares the skin for further care — the cream is well applied, lays down in an even layer and better penetrates into the layers of the skin

well moisturizes the skin, normalizes Ph after washing, refreshes

helps to make the skin softer, velvety, get rid of wrinkles, blackheads, acne, excessive oiliness

For this stage, you can use different products — tonics, lotions, mists and hydrosols. Let’s talk about the latter now.

Hydrolate is a natural steam distillation product that can be used instead of tonic in the morning, evening and even during the day. For example, in summer it will completely replace thermal water and help you refresh yourself.

A convenient bottle with a spray dispenser allows you not to use cotton pads, but immediately spray the product on your face and massage with your fingertips. Dark glass will retain the useful properties of the product longer and protect it from external influences. And the compact size of the bottle will allow you to take it with you anywhere — to work, for a walk, on a trip.

It is important that any hydrolate contains many trace elements useful for the skin, as well as a small amount of essential oil of those plants, herbs, flowers from which it is obtained. At the same time, the hydrolate does not contain alcohol, which aggressively affects the skin, preservatives and dyes.

There are many hydrosols, including those in our assortment. They can be aimed at solving specific skin problems or be universal, suitable for daily care. In this selection, we have collected our most popular products for you — take your pick!

Rose hydrolat nourishes and moisturizes the skin, relieves irritation and inflammation. It refreshes the skin well, saturates it with micro and macro elements, maintains water balance, and has an anti-aging effect.

Cornflower hydrolat famous for its properties for skin care around the eyes — it copes with puffiness and dark circles, removes signs of fatigue, helps to smooth fine wrinkles. With this product, you can make compresses to eliminate redness and inflammation around the eyes — it refreshes and smoothes the skin no worse than patches.

By the way, both of these products are sold in 2 volumes — 50 and 100 ml.

Complex of hydrolates for the area around the eyes «Against puffiness and dark circles» has a rejuvenating effect, is used to prevent «crow’s feet», helps to tidy up the area under the eyes:

chamomile hydrolat gently cares, removes redness and inflammation

cornflower hydrosol brightens under-eye circles and reduces puffiness

Green tea hydrolate is an antioxidant, slows down the aging process

Peppermint hydrosol cools, refreshes and tightens the skin

Complex of hydrolates «Lightening» against age spots and freckles» well refreshes and moisturizes, evens out the tone of the face and regulates the oiliness of the skin:

Lemon hydrosol brightens freckles, age spots and pimples, disinfects

calendula hydrosol heals the skin, accelerates regeneration processes

sage hydrolat is a powerful antiseptic, cleanses the skin, improves its appearance

Rosemary hydrosol refreshes, tones and gives a healthy look

Complex of hydrosols for acne, inflammation and oily sheen well dries oily skin and normalizes lipid metabolism. Relieves inflammation, redness and enhances the protective properties of the skin:

Melissa hydrolat normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands, moisturizes, eliminates rashes

Peppermint hydrolate tightens pores, cleanses, fights acne and blackheads

Rosemary hydrosol cleanses acne and inflammation, tones, gives a fresh look

Tea tree hydrosol — an excellent remedy for oily and problem skin, cleanses pores, reduces oiliness and irritation

Complex of hydrolates «From black spots and enlarged pores» fights acne, reduces peeling, redness of the skin and other skin imperfections:

Sage hydrolat is a powerful antiseptic, narrows enlarged pores, regulates the process of sebum production

Wormwood hydrolate — an excellent antioxidant, promotes healing and tissue repair

Catnip hydrosol and green tea hydrosol refresh, hydrate and help fight inflammation

Tip: To keep the hydrolat fresher on the skin, store it in the refrigerator.

Try different hydrosols and choose your favorite from the SIBERINA collection!


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