Development in the beauty industry began when Dr. Michael Babor created Hydrophilic Oil in 1955. Later, its recipe was adopted by Korean and Japanese firms, and now it is made by many cosmetic companies, including in Russia.

Hydrophilic oil is an essential product for removing stubborn makeup and cleansing pores. It consists of a mixture of organic oils: sweet almond oil, avocado oil, lavender essential oil, olive oil.

Oil is necessary if you want to get rid of blackheads, remove makeup from sensitive skin of the lips, eyes, soften the epidermis and moisturize it.

Hydrophilic oil is suitable for daily care for all skin types. It has no age restrictions. does not cause allergies, and does not disturb the lipid balance.

The first and basic rule of application is to apply it only on dry skin with dry hands. Before use, the oil must be shaken until smooth. It is enough to apply a few drops on the face and spread over it with massage movements. Then wet your hands and massage your face. you will see how the product turns into a light whitish emulsion. Then wash off the oil with warm water.

The skin after the oil shines with freshness, purity and beauty.

Facial hydrophilic oil is the best gift for yourself and your loved ones, because beauty always begins with care from ARSOMILE!


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