If you thought that these were the names of desserts, then we hasten to upset you: it doesn’t smell sweet here. These enchanting words are floral prints 🤗

An underestimated luxury, really! You can find a simple thing of the most basic cut, but if a floral print is organically inscribed in it, it becomes super original and elegant 💃 In addition, it adds femininity and lightness.

The floral print has another cool feature: it usually combines many shades, which are easy to match things and accessories. For example, look at the suit from ZHUKOVA CARE and stunned with joy, how many colors will be in harmony with it.

You can add a blue, orange, green, white or gray top and it will look great. Same story with shoes. Bright, stylish, economical and fast — this is the solution for the XXI century!

Did you lose weight for the summer? It’s not a problem. Correctly selected floral print hides flaws and emphasizes naturalness 🌺 Hurry up and throw our oversized floral print suit and dress into the basket at Wildberries to try them on as soon as possible or wait for a delicious discount!


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