The smaller the grain of sandpaper, the finer the dust that forms during grinding. Fine dust easily gets into the pores of the wood and closes them 🔒

And this prevents the penetration of oil ⛔

Without the ability to absorb, the oil lays down in a thin layer on the surface itself, and the product eventually remains without the proper protection that the tree needs so much 😥

That is why we always pay attention to the fact that for sanding wood before oil treatment, you need to use grain P80-P120 🥸 Then the pores of the wood will remain open, the main thing is to thoroughly clean the surface with a brush or blow off the dust with a special vacuum cleaner 🙌 Proper preparation of the surface for processing with natural oil does not less important role when working with wood. Follow the recommendations, apply oils and waxes according to the technology, so the products will delight you with their beauty for a long time!

Did you know why you need to grind wood with a grain of 80-120? 🌳


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